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NATO planes again bombed Tripoli

Aircraft of the NATO in the evening on Tuesday has renewed bombardments of Tripoli and a city in the central part of Libya the Ale - Dzhofra.

As informs local television, in east part of the Libyan capital has thundered two explosions, behind them the strong fire has flashed.

What objects have undergone to bombardment, is not informed. Information on victims too did not arrive yet.

we Will remind, in   Libya - one of the largest world exporters of oil - there was a revolution, the country part is supervised by Muammara Kaddafi protesting against a mode Libyans.

the Libyan aircraft of the governmental armies daily struck blows to an arrangement of insurgents in the east of the country and on separate rebellious cities in the west of Libya.

According to the international organisations, victims of rigid actions of the authorities at revolt suppression   there were thousand persons, the authorities of Libya deny it.

on March, 17th   The UNSF has accepted the resolution 1973 providing closing of air space for the Libyan aircraft and possible operations, except for application of land forces. And already in a day,   on March, 19th,   after the emergency summit on a situation in Libya, called in Paris the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy, the western countries have begun in territory of Libya military operation « on protection of the peace population ». Its purpose - maintenance of embargo on arms supplies and bespoletnoj zones.

on March, 31st the management of campaign in Libya has completely passed to representatives of command of the NATO. In   operations « the Incorporated defender » which the Canadian general orders - lieutenant Charles Bushar, all NATO member states expressly or by implication participate.

the Mandate on operation expired on June, 27th, but on June, 1st the NATO has prolonged it for 90 days - till the end of September, passes RIA Novosti news agency.