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Passengers of the Novosibirsk airport « Tolmachevo » will check on an infection

Ministry of Health of the Novosibirsk region has signed the order, according to which all passengers and persons with signs of infectious diseases in airport territory Tolmachyovo should be hospitalised in hospitals of Novosibirsk or the city of Ob. It means that now if at the person infectious disease signs employees of the airport have the right to take away it in a special insulator are obviously visible.

- the Basic symptoms of especially dangerous infections – the temperature from 38 degrees, a rash, vomiting and increase limfouzlov, - has told   managing an air terminal health centre on service of passengers and Valentine Sichkareva`s crews. - If the plane crew finds out onboard the aircraft of the passenger with signs of diseases, on it at once is informed in dispatching service of the airport. After a landing of the ill passenger deliver in our insulator and render all necessary help.

By the way, the insulator is equipped by system of ventilation with the bacteriological filter that allows to exclude completely distribution of infections on airport territory. And therefrom patients will already distribute on medical institutions of Novosibirsk and Ob.