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More than 100 brides of Krasnoyarsk will arrange parade on quay!

Krasnoyarsk eks - brides already the third time gather to arrange to themselves a feast. After all only once in a year, without changing the husband, it is possible to repeat again indelible instants of wedding day.

this year brides are ready to surprise Krasnoyarsk. Girls will gather a little to play, having tried on on itself a new image. A subject of parade of brides this year - « Dialogue of epoch » brides will turn to beauties of the ancient World, persons of times of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, slowly walking court ladies 17 - 18 centuries with magnificent hairdresses - towers, women of fashion 19 - go centuries, lovely young ladies - peasants, effective beauties of an epoch Coco Chanel, bright dandies, and also fashionable, modern   brides,   which can be and in the dress in style « the country » and in a wedding dress « dzhins » or « militari ». Besides, for the first time in Krasnoyarsk and Russia the Boom of grooms will take place!

the feast Program

the Boom of brides will begin at 14 o`clock on quay (starts from the area Theatrical), with 15. 00 to 22. 30 – look more attentively on the parties - wedding kartezhi go to travel across Krasnoyarsk.

In 22. 30   at Circus (Avenue the Krasnoyarsk worker, 143 - start of 50 heavenly small lamps in honour of Boom of brides.

In 23. 00 brides invite in club « the Koloradsky father » (Avenue the Krasnoyarsk worker, 160).