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In rural shop in Ukraine three corpses in a butt from - under vegetable oil

On Tuesday, on June, 14th,   have found out; in a cellar of one of shops in the Ukrainian village Rudnja three local residents are found in a metal butt from - under sunflower-seed oil dead.

As the inspectors who were lost &ndash have established; workers of shop: 25 - ti, 35 - ti and 36 - ti years. Most likely, one of men has fainted during cleaning of a butt in volume of 30 cubic metre, two others have got into capacity to help. But for any reasons could not get out of a butt and were lost.

Preliminary, I think, it is possible to assume that the tragedy has occurred from - for poisonings with what evaporations. However it is definitive about it it will be known later. Now our experts, and also militia and Office of Public Prosecutor " there work; - the chief of the centre of propagation of department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on the Rovno area of Ukraine Nikolay Prokopchuk has informed.

the Regional Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges as regards 2 items 271 (infringement of requirements of the legislation on a labour safety) the Criminal code of Ukraine, passes unian.