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In Tomsk gasoline has risen in price in itself

In Management Federal antiponomopolnoj services (UFAS) across the Tomsk region have stopped business in the relation of five wholesale sellers of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS which were suspected of the co-ordinated restriction of holiday of oil products on the wholesale market. The reason of closing of business - absence of structure of infringement of the antimonopoly law. Igor Butenko has informed on it on the eve of the deputy the head of department.

we Will remind that in the end of April of this year in Tomsk gasoline for a week has risen in price with 21 to 28 roubles, behind gasoline at the gas station the long turns were built, many private autorefuellings on a broader scale were closed. In this sharp rise in price of gasoline for so short term leading oil companies UFAS not has found crime structure.

But nevertheless in May Tomsk UFAS has brought action to signs of infringement of article 11 of the Federal law « About competition protection » concerning Open Society « Tomsknefteprodukt » VNK, Open Society « NK « Rosneft » Open Company « RN « Trading » Joint-Stock Company « Gazpromneft - Kuzbas » and Open Society « Gazpromneft ». It is necessary to notice that only these five oil companies occupy more than 50 % of the wholesale market of oil products. Department suspected that they have in coordination reduced holiday of oil products to the wholesale market of the Tomsk region for independent resellers. As a result some of them have been urged to be closed.

- the Commission, having conferred, has not found sufficient proofs in the co-ordinated actions. In this connection business is subject to the termination in connection with absence of structure of infringement antimoponopolnogo legislations. Proofs are not present, - Igor Butenko has told.

Also he has added that department could not collect necessary proofs because the independent gas stations have ceased to represent the information.

- When the situation was normalised, the independent gas stations have preferred on a broader scale in UFAS not to go. Have sent the letter that considered case without their participation that anything cannot present. It is clear that they in any degree depend on the wholesale companies, - has noted zam the head antimonopolshchikov.