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In Washington want to clear up destiny of the Iraq money

Now   the third audit   is booked; the means allocated for restoration of the destroyed Iraq. According to financial inspector Stewart Bouena, theft of 6,6 billion dollars if will prove to be true, can appear the largest theft of means in the history of the USA.

Speech   goes about   large   to the sum translated in 2003 - 4 years   in   special   fund of Federal reserve bank of New York from which it was planned to pay restoration of Iraq. And, this money belonged to Iraq. They have been frozen even before war as a result of the rigid economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations on a mode of Saddam Hussein.

Money   were transported to Bagdad by cargo military planes C - 130 in special bags and were a part 20 - milliard   a package of the help to Iraq.

Stewart   Bouen, working then the general inspector of the Commission on restoration of Iraq, blames in all system of the account existing in those years.

« In 2003 and 4 years, - explains   it, - system   the account   was very much   free ».

As a result of uncontrolled expenditure   means   huge plunders have been admitted. In   result the high-ranking officials   in   Bagdad   now threaten the government   the USA   to bring an action against it, to return the money received from sale of the Iraq oil.

In interview to newspaper Los Angeles Times of Bouen did not begin to name names of concrete people which, in its opinion, are involved in plunders, but has noticed that Washington repeatedly received the information on large thefts by ministers of the Iraq government. Are possibly involved in plunders and contractors.

As to the Pentagon, the American military men   Assert that   can   to report on all means spent in Iraq for last 6 years, up to last dollar.