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The Italian Lampedusa became a primary window to Europe for illegal aliens

For   the first quarter 2011 quantity illegal   the immigrants, tried to make the way to Europe, more than has doubled. According to Frontex, boundary agency of EU, in January - March in EU of profit of 32906 immigrants. Two thirds from them were accepted by Lampedusa, the tiny islet located at coast of Sicily.

In the past   to year after toughening of boundary control in Spain and Portugal the main route for illegal immigrants became Greek - Turkish border. However with the beginning of disorders in Tunis and Libya this year the number of the Africans has sharply grown, torturing to make the way to Europe through Italy.

In the last   months of hundred people have sunk in rough Mediterranean sea, trying to reach treasured Europe on the fragile and overflowed little crafts which have been not intended for long sea swimmings.

In the first quarter 2010, affirms in   The report   Frontex, frontier guards have detained 147 illegal immigrants, trying to get to Italy. Now their number has grown in 150 times! For the same first three months of last year to Greece from Turkey have tried to pass 13085 persons.

the Stream severo - African   immigrants   to Lampedusa, strongly grown in March when the western countries have begun military operation in Libya, does not decrease. Only past Saturday on seven courts on island have arrived more than 1,5 thousand Libyans, including at least 130 women and 22 babies.

Camp   for   displaced persons   for a long time also it is hopelessly overflowed. On island on which lives a little more than 6 thousand Italians, the discontent for a long time already ripens. The quantity of immigrants now much more exceeds number of local residents. Flow of illegal immigrants will negatively affect the main source of incomes lampeduztsev – rich tourists from - for borders which like to have a rest here.