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The Chinese authorities have stifled performances of workers - migrants

Forces   the securities entered   in   southern   a city   TSenchen, in   which   with   days off did not abate   stirrings, have put things in order   in streets million   cities. We will remind, disorders have begun on Friday evening when guards, on hearings, have beaten the pregnant woman street torgovku that she has ostensibly refused to put the tray out of the way.

Thousand   workers - migrants   left   on streets   and   have attacked police. They   trashed store windows   shops, overturned and set fire to cars and tried to set fire to the governmental buildings.

Now   in   TSenchene   rather easy, with   nights with   Monday on Tuesday   disorders it is not fixed. In streets posts are established, the armed patrols by armoured vehicles everywhere are visible. In a city the curfew is entered.

Instigators of disorders   steels   workers - migrants, in   the core from a poor western province   Sichuan, which   are dissatisfied scanty   salaries.

In Beijing events in Tsenchene have called a panic. The authorities are afraid of the beginning in Heavenly Empire of disorders on the sample and similarity of stirrings which have overflowed the Arabian countries. To consult with many millions dissatisfied, and with the life in China despite prompt growth of economy and welfare increase are happy not all, it will be very difficult.

With a view of   prevention of distribution of a revolutionary infection to Heavenly Empire the government has just in case arrested tens dissidents and has entered new restrictions on using the Internet.