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8000 drummers will rescue Izhevsk from end of the world?

enthusiasts from Ekaterinburg have decided to carry out in Russia the unusual action « Drums for the world ». On an ancient legend of North American Indians if in one place simultaneously will gather 8 thousand drummers and begin to beat off a uniform rhythm, end of the world will not come.   that`s it this idea some organizers have lighted up. Also have spent the first gathering in Ekaterinburg. However, to realise a legend it has not turned out yet. Only a few thousand persons have gathered for the areas. Though drums, marakasy and even plastic bottles were distributed to all spectators free of charge.

Soon festival « Drums for the world » will pass on other cities. On its way Chelyabinsk, Cheboksary, Ufa, Kazan, Ulyanovsk and many other things. While the route avoids Izhevsk. « has decided to suggest festa to call in to heads in capital of Udmurtiya. A leah will pass actions in Izhevsk, it becomes known tomorrow, on June, 20th.


In 2003 the festival has typed 100 drummers

the First time festival « world Drums » has passed in a city of Tolyatti 8 years ago. Then for the sake of the great purpose have gathered about 100 drummers. The same quantity of musicians was typed in 2009 in Ekaterinburg.