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Such exod of a match between the Beam and domestic komadoj anybody did not expect

Half of fans which have come on   game « the Beam - Energy » and usual townspeople, either will become hoarse, or will become deaf. Half did not feel sorry vocal chords, supporting slogans « the » another begged the first to shout more silently. To such heat of emotions any command, playing will envy the higher League. A match between football players « the Beam » and the domestic command from among inhabitants of microdistrict of a bay Silent it has appeared unprecedented in the history of seaside sports. Professional masters to send on errands a ball have accepted a call from adherents of amateur sports and by that have called unknown interest in Vladivostok. At « the Beam » which long time for hearing only because loses, there was a chance to crush though someone nagolovu. But also here the game result has turned out unexpected.

to look at competitions of two commands not comparable on preparation level, tens fans have come. Generally it were admirers of the domestic command. « boys, give, make these. Slavka, you are a handsome man! » - variations on a subject of such loud slogans sounded throughout all match. Fans from outside « the Beam » even if were present, behaved modestly wherefore nobody heard them.

it is clear that with the domestic command confronted not mastodonty « the Beam » and youth. Nevertheless, all was as in the big football. Players gave all the best on - full, and itself did not feel sorry neither those, nor others.

- Boys, on speed do you, and you technics take, - spectators shouted from tribunes, obviously feeling in itself a trainer`s vein.

the First minutes of game for someone seemed predicted. The match has begun in 17. 00, and already to 17. 20 abacus was 3:0, naturally, not in favour of peace townspeople. The most frank sceptics threatened to leave, without having waited the ending. « Luchevtsy » even close did not admit opponents to the half of field, and all fights were developed in territory of football players - fans. Actually first minutes of game the field was left by the injured goalkeeper Silent, having clasped hands a stomach. In total for game from football players - fans three will suffer.

- Certainly, at « luchevtsev » equipment professional, at them guards under golfs, and at ours that? – fans questioned sadly.

Balls obstinately flied exclusively to gate of players - fans, and by the end of the first period of an abacus was 5:0 in advantage « the Beam ».

- If only more than five have not hammered, - as if fans of the domestic command conjured. – it will be not so a shame.

But nonprofessionals have forced to be surprised.

the Second part of a match became really sensational. Football players - fans not only constrained defence, but also have managed to make five smart attacks. Result – five goals in gate of the opponent. As a result of an abacus it has turned out 5:5.

to Tell that tribunes exulted, means, not to tell anything. Inhabitants Silent raged.

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