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Failures for May in payment of pensions and grants to pensioners of Murmansk area was not

248   562 – it is registered pensioners in Murmansk area so much. Many of them live only on the pensions therefore so it is important it its timely charge...

- In May charge and payment of pensions and grants were made in time and in full. Failures in payment of pensions, grants and social payments in region was not. In total expenses for last month   Branches PFR on payment of pensions, EDV, payment of journey of pensioners to vacation spot have made 2943,9 million roubles, - employees of group on interaction from mass-media of Branch of the Pension fund on Murmansk area inform.

the Average size of labour pension in Murmansk area makes hardly more than 11   thousand roubles.   Alas, low pensions urge many today`s pensioners to return for work, and tomorrow`s -   to come to a determination to remain on work.