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Tuljachka, eaten indications of the son and bitten the inspector, will be paid 15 tys roubles

by the Inhabitant of Tula who was accused of violent acts against the law enforcement officer, is sentenced by the central city court to the penalty in the size of 15 thousand roubles.

52 - summer Sede Stepanyan the part of 1 article 318 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation which provides the five years` conclusion or the large penalty was made.

According to the consequence data, on May, 4th Stepanyan has come to the senior inspector on affairs of minors Central ROVD Tula and has asked to look at indications of the son once again.

When the policeman has given Sede the document, she has unexpectedly jumped, has crumpled a paper and has started to push it to itself in a mouth. The inspector has tried was to rescue the important report, but it was necessary to it to approach to Stepanyan as it has bitten the man for a hand.

« With. Stepanyan it is sentenced to the penalty in 15 thousand roubles and can appeal against when due hereunder against a judgement » – has informed « to Interfax » a press - the attache of management of judicial department of the Tula area.