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On polling districts write down passport data of journalists, being afraid of diversions, how on caucasus?

the correspondent « » has gone on polling district 1/ 21 which is in   N.Jorg`s lycee and what there was its surprise, when besides the certificate at it   have demanded the passport.

Representatives of the commission have told that should copy   identification number of our correspondent, only here what for?

Perhaps it   any new security measures?

We have decided to call on this polling district and to find out in what has put.

- So the mayoralty has disposed.

- But the mayoralty is not responsible for elections.

- Well this means, as it, office...

But what for passport data that to write down?

- That there were no saboteurs as on caucasus, a leah and that is not enough.

To be presented our interlocutor has not wanted. A name of the chairman selective   The commissions too there is almost a state secret. It is necessary to guess   why on polling district in N.Jorg`s lycee such strict rules.