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Head of advice of human rights: With Elena Bonner`s death the whole epoch

With Elena Bonner`s death has broken the whole epoch has broken. Such opinion was voiced by head of Advice of development of a civil society and human rights at the president of Russia Michael Fedotov. As he said, madam Bonner has brought the invaluable contribution to development of a human rights movement of the country:

In the USA Elena Bonner

- Today very sad day for all human rights movement of Russia. Because with Elena Georgievny Bonner`s death last live thread connecting with Andrey Dmitrievichem Saharovym, an epoch of Saharova, a family of Saharova has broken as though.

And it is very sad that those authorities to which always it was possible to be converted behind advice disappear, whose opinion always was very much and very significant for all people, for which words « human rights » it is not simple words, and it is life.