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In the Izhevsk streets there will be new urns

Green metal baskets for garbage have started to appear in city streets from the middle of June. Urns carry on a city in tens. And promise to establish often enough that at izhevchan there was no temptation to throw garbage on the earth.

City - the manager of Izhevsk has personally tested a new city urn.
a photo: Tatyana LAPINER.

- Certainly, it was inconvenient - if I have eaten ice-cream on this party of the area, and to throw out it is necessary to go on that party of road, - explains city - the manager of Izhevsk Denis Agashin.

on June, 18th the head of administration of a city with colleagues has walked along the street Pushkin. Also has personally checked up - a leah new urns are convenient for use.

Urns across Izhevsk carry by trucks.
a photo: Tatyana LAPINER.