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Anna Chapman and Diana Gurtsky have given charitable party in Volgograd

Anna Chapman will continue the mission of good deeds in Volgograd. eks - the spy even undertook to help blind kiddies &ndash in the winter; paid operations to small patients of the Volgograd microsurgery of an eye, came to see with gifts kindergartens for visually impaired children. During last visit to a city it has gone to such two gardens together with the first lady of region Lyudmila Burjakovoj.

On Saturday the agent « 90 - 60 - 90 » as the founder of fund « the Right to a smile » has spent in Volgograd charitable evening. Started up there only well-founded ladies and gentlemen: on country base of rest of the company « Lukoil » has gathered political and business - area elite. Anna Chapman called businessmen   not to hide   purses and not to feel sorry money for good deeds. After welcoming speeches eks - spies on a scene other known star &ndash has welcomed; Diana Gurtsky. It has executed for visitors and patrons of art some songs. CHapman admitted, what exactly Gurtsky has pushed her in due time on thought to help kiddies with sight illnesses.  

– When I was 15 years old, I have seen Diana`s performance on the TV. She sang with the blind girl. This video so has sunk down to me in soul that when I had a possibility to open such fund in my native Volgograd, I did not doubt at all. Diana has excited me.

And a problem of both girls in it evening was to excite on good deeds of all present. Except a concert, for   visitors auction with support of a known Swiss hour manufactory, sand, fiery and the barman - show, competitions on a golf and shooting from arbaleta has been organised. All means collected by the Volgograd elite, will go on purchase of the equipment for development of sight of visually impaired children and on their treatment.