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Astrahanets has abuseed over the girl in a train Moscow - Dushanbe

In a weekend the Astrakhan inspectors have directed in   court criminal case concerning the local resident. The young man is suspected of rape 10 - the summer fellow traveller.

state of emergency happens last summer. Suffered went together with the aunt home to Dagestan. On the way to the car has sat down 25 - the summer inhabitant of the Astrakhan region. All the day long the young man played with the girl, and in the evening when all have fallen asleep, has tried to rape the schoolgirl.

- According to the aunt, she has woken up,   having heard not clear rustle. The man was above a shelf of the girl and touched it. The woman has made scandal. On noise the conductor and a police squad on duty has come running. The infringer have removed at the first station. Concerning it criminal case under article « has been brought; Actions of sexual character with the person not reached 14 - summer age ». Wine of the criminal managed to prove completely. Business in the nearest future will be considered in court, - has told « Valery Vysotsky, the inspector Astrakhan WITH on transport .

to the tyrant threatens till 7 years of prison.