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In Moscow pochtili Yury Budanov`s killed nine days ago memory

On Sunday, for the ninth day from the date of Yury Budanov`s murder, Muscovites have come pochtit its memory not on a cemetery, and to the place of murder. The action has passed at essential   militian strengthening.

At the underground « Frunze » where gathering of participants has been declared, was observed five police buses and an order of 10 police cars, more than 50 employees of bodies of the law and order.

On a place employees of Cent of counteraction to the extremism, dressed in the civilian worked.

- Since 14 hours, participants of the action left the underground small groups and bore flowers at a murder place, - members of political Advice of the uniform organisation of nationalists « inform; Russian ». - the centralised procession to a place of  destruction of Yury Budanov At 15 o`clock has begun. The underground left people approximately in quantity to hundred persons who declared minute of silence and have assigned to asphalt flowers.

Gathered among which there were Russian nationalists, pochtili Yury Budanov`s memory a triple call « Glory to heroes »!

With colours in hands on watch there have arrived some police officers which majority have taken place courage school on caucasus. They assigned flowers from themselves personally, trying not to get to objectives of chambers.