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The vice-president of committee GD on security: Attacks of police to fans aggravate a situation

Aggression produces hatred and cuts trust. The vice-president of the Duma committee on security Gennady Gudkov considers that unreasonable attacks of police to fans only heat a situation. We will remind, the day before during a match 14 - go national championship tour over football the Nizhniy Novgorod OMON has cruelly beaten fans Petersburg « Zenith ». Also has suffered and attacking club from St.-Petersburg Danko Lazovich. Policemen has struck it elektroshokerom. According to mister Gudkova, similar incidents undermine trust of the people to the power:

Hooters: Attacks of police to fans aggravate a situation

- the Part of divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are occupied by own earnings, instead of work law-enforcement. And not only they.

the Considerable part of machinery of state has devoted today to earning money instead of working – both on preventive maintenance, and on adjustment of any mutual relations and so forth easier to order, start up militia: here they at us abrupt, let they take boards, sticks – and forward. Such not so well thought over tactics of behaviour.

Know, the fool applies force, clever it shows. If they do not work, do not supervise, of course, here there can be various incidents. Force, certainly, is used when it is an extreme case, an extreme case.

Force never produces supporters, especially if is unreasonably applied, does not hire supporters of the power and on a broader scale the state, and, to the contrary, generates people who do not trust it.