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Our area is going to accept to 2 000 inhabitants of South Ossetia

in the Morning on August, 11th on the main road service station people with astonishment observed, how variegated buses with the tablet It is reserved have pressed the usual trip. They obviously were in a priority. Drivers roughly discussed something with people in shape.

- Look after one after another, - the man in the form of the employee of traffic police addressed. - mobile phones at all are? Perfectly! Let`s exchange numbers of cellular telephones. And the big request - road difficult, it is not necessary to drive...

men knowingly zakivali a head. At this time the employee of service of rescue began to copy surnames.

- Yes how much it is possible! - someone from drivers was indignant.

- Yes the miscellaneous happens, and suddenly we will lose on the journey, - others have begun to smile. - though a surname lost we will know.

15 buses of profit in   Rostov from cities where refugees from South Ossetia will be shortly placed. Besides Rostov, it is Azov, Taganrog, Novocherkassk and Kamensk - Shahtinsky. Transport and gasoline have gratuitously passed the local companies.

In Rostov places for 2 000 refugees are already ready.

By the estimation, the generated column from 15 buses delivers 500 persons to the Rostov region, and places for 2 000 refugees are already ready.

Just in case in regional clinical hospital 1 200 cots are prepared, there are medicines, the equipment, materials and soft stock, other city hospitals prepare for reception of wounded men and already.

Are ready to place an order of 100 persons the Rostov children`s homes and houses for aged.

However the situation is so changeable that, quite possibly, it is necessary to accept bolshee or smaller quantity of people. Rescuers also spoke about it in a column departure time.

- Now early about something to speak. Our problem - support, - Sergey Panov, the director of Department for the prevention and liquidation CHS has informed. - In each bus there will be an employee of our service who in case of need can render not only medical, but also the psychological help. It is quite probable that people in a state of shock.

Besides rescuers, the column is accompanied by two ambulance cars and four cars of traffic police. They will return together with refugees in three days, truth if all passes without undue incident and breakages.

It will be the second group of refugees which deliver to the Rostov region. In territory of base of rest the Azov beach already lives 219 persons (including 168 children) from South Ossetia.


Help refugees!

declares the action on gathering of the humanitarian help to the population of South Ossetia. As speak in Department under the prevention and liquidation CHS,   now   in   the first stage are required:

- blankets, warm things
- clothes
- foodstuff   (only not perishable) - groats, for children
- potable water

you All it can bring the canned food, the condensed milk in newspaper edition to the address: Varfolomeyev`s street, 259, 7 - j a floor. Phone (863 291 - 06 - 00. The collected products and things   Will be passed in regional Department under the prevention and liquidation CHS for the subsequent transportation to South Ossetia.

irina@kprostov. ru