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Amkar itself has scored to itself a goal

And Amkar and the Dynamo in a case on - misfortunes could escape in leaders of national superiority of the country. However, provided that the Ruby will lose at home Petersburg to Zenith .

the Fate has turned away from Perm

to prevail against in capital is white - blue, where almost each football player - the player of a national team, Amkar was going to play a smart chess combination. However, if to continue chess analogy, already on the first minutes the Perm football players have yawned a queen.

First nobody has understood that has occurred. Absolutely harmless canopy of owners from the left flank did not conceal in itself any threat. Even dinamovtsy have given up as lost the ruined combination. However Michael Afanasev what for - that has decided to play a head and has gracefully directed a ball of century. Own gate. Traditional krichalka about pride of Ural Mountains has got stuck in a throat at the Perm fans who only displayed the fan attributes on a guest tribune.

And this angular has not brought Amkaru success

Become stupid permjaki have rushed to recoup. However to take at once dinamovskuju a stronghold which was defended were permjak by Vladimir Gabulov, it was not possible. And Muscovites, having felt that the fate has turned to them the person, have decided to check up, to what degree they will be accompanied by good luck. Alexander Kerzhakov with such virtuosity has fallen in penal permjakov after collision with Sirakovym that, perhaps, even Stanislavsky would exclaim: I Believe! . However the main arbitrator Suhina has appeared more tempted in small football cunnings. And instead of a penalty which was elicited by Kerzhakov, it has given out to Alexander a mustard plaster for simulation.

Shans Sirakova

Permjaki did not lose courage, and on 16 - oh to minute Sirakov has arranged in penal the Dynamo such alarm that the most impressionable fans is white - blue have got into a pocket behind validol. Then on a shock position there was Novakovich, and Fernandez could stop it only by a yellow card.

In the meantime Muscovites in turn continued to spin intrigues at Sergey Narubina`s gate. That worked nonstop. At first blow of Kombarova was reflected by a bar, and then Sergey has rescued the command after powerful blow of the Pomegranate. Later Kerzhakov was connected to bombardment, but permjaki the gate have defended, and in the end of a time have locked owners in own the penal. The angular followed for angular, and, appear, tall players Amkara have felt a blood smell however business and is not has reached a goal.

After a break Amkar has completely appropriated the game initiative. Muscovites have counted on counter attacks, and Kerzhakov with Semshovym had real chances to double the bill. And here Amkaru good luck has not sufficed. The only goal which uraltsy have hammered into own gate, and has decided destiny of a match.


Head coach FK Amkar Miodrag BOZHOVICH:

- the Dynamo looked stronger in the first time. We were knocked down by an autogoal at the very beginning of the first time, and then we operated very uncertainly. After a break the command managed to adjust nevertheless constructive game. However on the present of scoring chances we could not create. And here at the Dynamo Them was very much. So the game result is natural - has defeated the strongest. On a broader scale to me game the Dynamo imposes is one of the best teams of Russia.

- Not the force was played by Kushev. It not in shape or this consequence obshchekomandnogo recession?

- I do not think that at the command recession is observed. Kushev - the player dependent. And at us today practically all attacks developed through the right flank. Therefore at Martin chances to score a goal were not. Besides it passed a match from - for disqualification, and it has beaten out it from a game rhythm.

Head coach FK the Dynamo Andrey KOBELEV:

- We have spent today two different times. In first half had huge advantage, have been obliged to hammer at least in two - three balls. Then the destiny of a match would be solved. But we have missed the chance, in the second time have given territorial advantage Amkaru have started to play from defence. Therefore second half of game has turned out nervous. However, I am happy with children. They have executed my installation - not folit near to the gate. Penal - the awesome weapon Amkara but in their this game practically was not.