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To guerrillas of the Polar region have devoted the book

At recently published two-volume book Soldiers of Victory there was an original continuation. a track of guerrilla memory - so the book which presentation has passed past week in the regional centre is called. It, apparently from the name is devoted nine guerrilla groups, waring in the Polar region. The known Murmansk regional specialist and the writer Michael Oresheta became the author - the composer of the edition.

- in 1982 veterans, sitting at a fire on one of guerrilla meetings, said that well such book to create, - Michael Grigorevich admitted. - And I am very glad that the idea at last - that was realised.  

Michael Oresheta has presented the book about guerrillas of area.
a photo: Lyudmila SHEKA

to the Author and its assistants was necessary to shovel bales of archival documents in literal sense to collect the information on all participants of the guerrilla groups operating in the Polar region. Also in the book the data from questionnaires of veterans - the guerrilla is used. This questioning still in the end of 80 - h was spent years, and these invaluable now materials partially have found the reflexion on more than three hundred pages of the edition. In the book it is possible to see photos of many fighters and to read their short biography.

- It was important not only to tell by name about warriors, but also whenever possible to describe details of a daily life of groups, - the author has explained. - reading the book, you will see, what not all was smooth and fine at the guerrilla. Both defects were available, and errors. To hide it I did not try.

Feature of guerrilla movement in the Polar region was that groups operated not in the territory occupied by German aggressors, and in back of the enemy, making long campaigns. They too are described in the book on memoirs of participants of these campaigns.

- In an operating time over the book we considered that in live for today there was only two guerrilla, - Michael Grigorevich continues. - And actually, it has appeared, is also the third. He lives in Kandalaksha, and its many colleagues considered several years ago that it already is not present. Began to request on it the information, and it has appeared is live - is healthy! It was for all of us opening, pleasant opening!