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The prospectus of Cosmonauts in Ekaterinburg that has clouded a poisonous smoke

the Loop of a black dense smoke a column left in the sky crept almost by the ground. Mistresses of nearby houses to a fire, swearing like a fishwife, hastily cleaned from balconies linen and tightly closed window leaves. In air soot flakes

Fire in one of shops at the enterprise " flied; Regionshinsnab located on Cosmonauts, 81, was engaged yesterday in the morning, and it was then threw on warehouses with tyres, rubber and polyfoam. The flame has extended on three thousand square metres. On a call thirty fire-engines have left.

- Suppression became complicated that near to kindling there was no water. It was necessary to pull a fire hose to the nearest well -   the whole kilometre, - has told   the first zam the chief   GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Sverdlovsk area Vladimir Agapitov. - the Damage is not known yet.

Fire tried to extinguish all the day long. Thanks to efforts of firemen, to the next buildings the flame was not threw. From palenoj rubbers have poisoned with a poisonous smoke of three workers shinnogo the enterprises. One of them delivered in the city toxicological centre.

- At it the strong headache, weakness, periodically nausea attacks, - make comments physicians.

the fire is closer to a dinner have localised, but to water the ashes there were crews 11 more - ti cars. The crowd of gapers was constrained by private security guards in a camouflage, without starting up anybody to a place of state of emergency is closer, than on two hundred fifty metres.

But omnipresent boys got on garages and roofs of houses, is bewitched staring at action and almost without paying attention to a smelly smoke.

- Under the preliminary version, the reason of kindling of warehouses on Cosmonauts, 81 could become electroconducting short circuit, - have informed in a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Sverdlovsk area.