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It is curious that for tat to Office of Public Prosecutor goes... To steal?

hardly more month it was required sormovskim to field investigators to detain the first of the criminals who have robed regional Office of Public Prosecutor.

as we already told, events in Sormovsky regional Office of Public Prosecutor on the night of Saturday on July, 5th developed so. Gatecrashers have appeared suddenly in an inner sanctum of law-enforcement system after midnight when all employees have left on houses.

thieves have squeezed through lattice rods into the slightly opened window on the ground floor then felt full owners.

were not afraid and even have switched on in offices light - the shined windows were visible to visitors of the next cafe in the street Komintern, but that and to a head has not come that in Office of Public Prosecutor malefactors boss!

From an office of public prosecutor Vitaly Kartushina on the second floor on which gatecrashers have broken the lock, they have taken out the liquid crystal monitor, the printer and 2 wireless phones.

and from the refrigerator in which Offices of Public Prosecutor stored dinners, impudent fellows have profited by a long loaf of half-smoked sausage and two cake cheeses.

Having supported with stocks of the strategic opponents, thieves have definitively flown into a rage and have made an act of vandalism - have spoilt directly on a rug near to the refrigerator.

- judging by that swindlers have easily climbed through in a window through lattice rods, it is possible to draw a conclusion that in Office of Public Prosecutor difficult teenagers, most likely, have done a lot of mischief, - have assumed then our sources in law enforcement bodies.

however with the years malefactors militiamen were mistaken a little. It has appeared the first arrested person 17 - summer nizhegorodets which already completely recognised the fault. It 19 - summer podelnik by a consequence it is established, but for the present it is not detained.

both suspects are insignificant growth, therefore without special work have squeezed through a lattice. What for they have spoilt on a rug at the refrigerator if both are on friendly terms with a head?

it is probable, from revenge to law enforcement bodies - both that, and another earlier already served time for the committed crimes.

according to Sormovsky Office of Public Prosecutor, measures of search and detention of the second thief are now taken.

There was one more important question: how swindlers took out the extraction from a building of Office of Public Prosecutor if the hinged lock on an entrance door is not broken?

as we also assumed, thieves have lowered the stolen office equipment through a window on a rope downwards - on the second floor there are no lattices.

till a time - time was not in a building and is security - the fire alarm system. And what for? Anybody also could not present that thieves will climb in Office of Public Prosecutor!