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The brick and builders will suffice

the Building complex of Vladimir region possesses sufficient potential for the decision of a problem of increase in rates of housing construction. The restraint factor is not the lack of capacities for manufacture of building materials or the qualified labour. According to the director of Open Company the Console Alexander Shamova, absence of the real program of support of housing construction at regional and municipal levels became a brake of the building industry.

Share - does not mean bad

Now the Console conducts building of two residential buildings on street Bezymensky

Present builders need to remember time of mass housing construction which to someone needed to be christened " only; stagnation . When contractors only built, instead of beat out the ground areas, not solved questions in arbitration court, and principles of financing of civil work were not a subject of discussions about conscientiousness or unconscientiousness of the customer of building.
- we were initially created as purely building contract organisation, - Alexander Shamov has told, - but those conditions in which there were building organisations, have urged us to become simultaneously and customers of building objects. Yes, we worked and we work under the scheme of participation financing of building, and I am convinced till now that it is most favourable to purchasers of habitation as essentially reduces their expenses. Now under this scheme of Open Company the Console erects at once 4 many-storeyed houses. The scheme of bank crediting of building first of all will strike on future proprietors of apartments - after all cost of bank credits will be put in the cost price of square metre. Conversations that the scheme of financing of building has any relation to degree of conscientiousness of the contractor, differently as amateurish and to name - that is impossible.

the Prices became very heavy

the High-rise building on the prospectus of Builders, 15, - one of last residential buildings constructed the Console

the Situation in the building market of area develops in such a manner that, according to Shamova, the majority of the building organisations will return into place: functions of the customer it should be combined. But at all because there was already a uniform state customer. Cost of the ground areas under building became so high that will not allow to pay back even an expense for building: solvency of the population is on a limit. Though cost of square metre of habitation - more than 40 thousand rbl. - at us almost in 2 times more low, than in Nizhni Novgorod - to buy even small apartment begins an excessive problem and for those whom carry to Russian to middle class .
- Builders were helped by a mortgage, - Alexander Shamov considers. - But now the percent on mortgage loans has grown, besides banks from - for delays with return of credits began to approach much more rigidly to their delivery. And we already feel influence of sharp decrease in quantity of the given out mortgage loans.

Almost as on Rublevke

Business - the centre with an underground parking on street Bitter, 56, has been constructed by the company the Console in record-breaking short terms.

From one of leading vladimirskiy builders it would be desirable to hear more optimistical omens. The rise in prices for real estate will be slowed down, and soon as now occurs in many countries of Europe, apartments and at all will start to go down in price. But in the near future it is not necessary to wait for miracles. Moreover, Alexander Shamov assumes that already in the near future there will be a next jump of the prices for real estate. The reason in sharp rise in price of the ground areas under building.
- present that for 20 hundred parts under building in Kind it is necessary to pay 37 million rbl. - yes same almost as in Moscow on Rublevke! Even to beat off this money at preservation of a present price level on apartments it will not be possible, - Alexander Igorevich has made a helpless gesture. - My plans such: we were created as the contract building organisation. Therefore it is necessary to wait, while those children who for a fantastic sum have bought these sites, us will employ, and we will build. And it is Muscovites. And they already have gone with great strides. As a result of us one more jump of the prices for real estate, and enormous jump of the prices waits! And at our concept of restraint of the price I do not see possibility to buy this land.

nuzhnagosudarstvennaja support

it would Seem, the decision a room question probably at the expense of individual housing construction, erection of cottage settlements.
- in itself cottage building is perspective, - the head of Open Company " believes; the Console - but the state or regional program is for this purpose necessary. If it is not, there will be on a broader scale nothing. And the state now tries to be eliminated from a management of any processes in housing construction. It is necessary to develop the state program of support of building of individual habitation: its cost should be more low, than cost of standard apartment in a high-rise building. But while all to the contrary.
the Serious occasion to trouble - a constant rise in prices for the basic material for building - cement. The prices grow quarterly though its offer in the market taking into account possible deliveries from China and Turkey can easily exceed demand. Actually there is no deficiency and other building materials.
- a brick at us the suffices, it can deliver both from Ivanov, and from Nizhni Novgorod, - Alexander Shamov has told. - Actually, in case of need, to construct brick-works it is possible all for a year. The capacities for the building industry taking into account their upgrade - yes they for eyes will suffice to provide buildings. Building materials which carried from - for borders earlier - and they were rather low quality, - are now made in Russia. They are not worse in any way, and even it is better.
Open Company the Console as well as the majority of the building organisations of area, is interested in that the state, regional and city housing development programme has been generated, the uniform state customer is created.
- if the state withdraws from building regulation, - Shamov believes, - there will be an anarchy, and as a result - a collapse. Though, by and large, to builders it is not so important, who exactly reserves their services - the state or the private investor - Moscow, orehovo - zuevsky, Italian or American. There would be at it money. Their problem to survive and save the personnel.
according to Alexander Shamova, in Open Company the Console while enough the qualified builders - time of their massive migration to Moscow already behind.
- we have real professionals, - the director has assured, - and they will be always demanded in the conditions of deficiency of building shots. And here associations in building holding in plans Consoles no. We have influential enough public organisation - Association of the building organisations of Vladimir region. And it is possible to solve many questions which remain without attention of the authorities with its help.

With the FEAST

Dear workers of a building complex of Vladimir region!
this year all country already in 52 - j time celebrates Day of builders. This feast began to be marked after in 1955 the decision " was accepted; About measures on the further industrialisation, improvement of quality and building depreciation . These problems now again steels the actual. With a feast you, dear friends, the successful decision of all your problems, achievement of new heights!
the director of Open Company the Console Alexander Igorevich SHAMOV.