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Factory revival « the Spark »

Almost one and a half centuries factory and settlement the Spark exist in a close connection. There would be no factory, there would be no also a settlement. There were times when it seemed, the factory will be closed for ever and people will leave in search of a better lot.   some times the factory changed an industrial profile thanks to what remained afloat . Last 25 years over the enterprise supervises   general director Alexander Alekseevich Andreev.

on dates

Great demand polyfoam for warming of houses

In July, 1864 in the north of Vladimir region uses the Dotted line the factory on manufacture well-known kuznetsovskogo porcelain has opened. Round it the factory settlement has grown, working dynasties have started to be created.
with 1917 for 1923 manufacture stood. Then here began to let out a pottery, artel and   factory have received the name the Spark .
In 1946 the factory was reorientated and began to let out low-voltage insulators from electrotechnical porcelain for communication lines and low-voltage power and lighting lines.
In 1971 the Spark again will reorganise in manufacture elektroizoljatsionnyh materials. The factory became branch of large association elektroizolit .
In 1983 the head of factory have appointed Alexander Andreeva. Today many workers of the enterprise consider that the Spark it is obliged to Alexander Alekseevichu by the rebirth, both factory, and settlement survive in many respects giving thanks to its enthusiasm and a business grasp. Itself Andreys to tell about itself does not love, but with enthusiasm tells about the come true projects and plans for the future.

Contemporary history

the Production manager of factory the Spark Vyacheslav Petrovich Kajgorodov.

- When I have arrived here, - Alexander Alekseevich remembers, - the factory looked so as if it bombed. The headquarters plant did not aspire to develop the branch. Gradually we have started to buy the equipment, to master new production. Have risen on feet and have separated in the independent enterprise.
in the beginning 90 - h manufacture has failed, we had every chance to be closed. But what would be then with settlement? We began to search for new lines of activity. Have opened 8 branches:   the company on pouring and butilizatsii spring water, filling station in d. The top Court yard, Open Company Nissa shopping centre Andreevsky in Alexanders, Open Company Remstroj and Open Company Success .    
the open-cast mine which working out is engaged in Open Company " became the Most successful project; Bowels - Search . Without it the factory could and not survive.   over the enterprise Yury Armaisovich Kaprielov supervises. It has come on factory 20 years ago and in three months became my assistant. He/she is the person of exclusive business and human qualities, the excellent head. Under its management for 10 years Bowels - Search has risen on the second place in Vladimir region on volume of output.
on August, 29th to Yury   Kaprielovu 55 years are executed, and I take an opportunity to convey to its the thanks and wishes of successes, health and family well-being!

Career growth

- Alexander Andreev, - speaks Yury Armaisovich, -   has extended factory in a hard time and has created versatile manufacture, penetrates into all problems of the enterprises created by it. If at factory basically women, Open Company " work; Bowels - Search provides with work of men of settlement and nearby settlements. Here and earlier workings out when - that worked brick zavodik were conducted. Under our order geologo - the intelligence service has found out a deposit, we have made the project, have bought the good technics, including English manufacture. Now Open Company Bowels - Search extracts   a stone and   processes peschano - gravijnuju a mix in career at d. Grishino. We try to maintain the quality reputation as production is used on the vital objects - building of federal and local roads, buildings in the Vladimirskiy, Moscow areas and in other regions.
the country endures building boom, and Bowels - Search goes to growth. Our material use at bridge building through Oka in Murom. The repeat client Bowels - Search - the large company Strojbeton . An open-cast mine - manufacture of the raised danger. We are supervised strictly by Gortehnadzor and personally its head Tamara Aleksandrovna Yerokhin.

Work on development

- Developing other directions, - Alexander Andreev continues, - we did not close also head manufacture. At factory have mastered release of plastic,   annually   we expand assortment. In 2005 have opened shop on release of plaster profiles from PVC with shchelochestojkoj steklosetkoj. In 2006 have begun manufacture of decorative elements from expanded polystyrene for facades. In 2007 began to make polyfoam which actively use for warming of buildings from a brick. Building at factory and in settlement does not stop. I the hereditary builder also consider that if there is a building, means, there is a life.
at factory the computerised equipment which allows to make mobile transition to manufacture of new production is established, to master new assortment. Now Factory Spark lets out more than 250 names of plastic products: accessories for manufacture of automobile accumulators, furniture, home appliances, gas cookers, dummies for clothing industry, izoljatsionnye linings and many other things. Among customers there are large companies. For example, more than 6 years we carry out great volume of works for the railway. At road builders our products for strengthening of slopes use great demand. This ours nou - hau, we have patented it 10 years ago. We develop, thanks to efforts of all members of our big collective.

the Reliable shoulder

the General director of Open Company Bowels - Search Yury Armaisovich Kaprielov

In a situation when the settlement is formed round factory, it is impossible to live, having shut eyes to problems of its inhabitants. Alexander Andreev was the chairman of regional council, has fulfilled six convocations as   the deputy of regional council. Was the assistant to the deputy of the State Duma. Now - the assistant to the deputy of Legislative Assembly.   and always tried to use all influence to improve life of settlement the Spark.   the administration works in close cooperation with head Is red -
plamenskogo rural settlement Nadezhdoj Mokrushinoj. The enterprise puts considerable means in settlement development: repairs roads, supports a kindergarten and school, provides inhabitants with heat and water. Thanks to efforts of the councillor of Federation Vadim Anatolevicha Gustov, the head of administration of Aleksandrovsky area Vladimir Prokopevicha Korkin and Alexander Alekseevicha Andreeva, settlement has entered into the gasification program Gazprom and the factory will put also the means in a lining of gas networks.


the General director of Open Company Factory the Spark Alexander Alekseevich Andreev

With Day of the builder!
in this holiday I from the bottom of the heart give thanks and I congratulate the collective, our constant partners and customers and all, who   supports factory, helps us to develop.
the Administration of the region has approached with understanding to our problems when we opened an open-cast mine. We are grateful for constant support   to the governor of Vladimir region Nikolay Vinogradovu, department of wildlife management and personally its head Alexey Migachevu.   have much worked with Alexander Romanenko, the director of regional department of transport and a road economy.
I wish all good luck, health, well-being in a family, loyal friends and new successes.

the General director of Open Company Factory the Spark Alexander Andreev

  a factory Reception the Spark :
8 - 49244 - 222 - 00.
email: iskra@iskra1. ru
the Open-cast mine (Open Company Bowels - Search ):
8 - 49244 - 731 - 17.

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