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Vladimirskiy the Slope has turned in the Dynamo

After in last season to volleyball club the Slope it was not possible to make the way in the higher league And the Russian superiority on volleyball, it became clear that time of changes has come. But that they will be so radical - hardly who expected. The command for this inter-season period has replaced the head coach and the name.

To us there has arrived the trainer - the champion

For whom will be ill now vladimirtsy? Now the main volleyball team of area will be called the Dynamo instead of the Slope .
- The matter is that one of founders of the command - Management of Federal Agency of Execution of Punishments (UFSIN - Red.) - Andrey Bulgakov, the chief of the command has told. - and it is a part of the Ministry of Justice. Historically sports societies of law enforcement bodies were called the Dynamo . Therefore have decided to rename.
Valery Bagmetov became the head coach instead of Sinitsyn`s Novel. He/she is the trainer - the champion. A unique case in domestic volleyball: for three years the command under its management has passed all four leagues of the Championship of Russia.
- together with the Petrochemist from the city of Salavat we at first have won the first league, - Valery Bagmetov has told. - the next year have won the higher league then the higher league And also have got to the Superleague.
the new head coach has agreed to arrive on the offer in Vladimir practically at once. In - the first, Valery Bagmetov is well familiar with a command management, and in - the second, a meeting with the head of volleyball federation of a city Alexander Razovym and mayor Alexander Rybakovym have encouraged.
- it is visible that the city wants, that the command developed, - Valery Bagmetov has told.

In a dynamo there will be players from the Superleague

Before the command for this season an exit task in view in the higher league And . For performance of this problem skilled players who acted in the Superleague and the higher league " are invited some; And . In the command the group of preparation consisting of young pupils of the vladimirskiy volleyball, one of which is created, Maxim Petrov, is the candidate for Russian national team for the age group. Skeleton of the former command was saved: the Novel Sinitsyn became the assistant to the head coach. From players remained Feodor Bessmertnyh, Sergey Patrikeev, Ivan Svishchev, Ilya Svidlov, Alexander Jartsev and Denis Lantratov.
- the Vladimirskiy command is known in Russia, - Valery Bagmetov has told. - new it is not necessary to think out Something. But the area needs to develop the good program of development of volleyball for five years. To systematise work with youth, to construct game complexes, exit base. Then it is possible to achieve good results.
now the command continues to prepare for a season. Trainers and players leave on August, 15th to Novocheboksarsk for ten days. And after that the club will spend a little sparring - matches with clubs from the higher league.
Vladimirtsy can arrange shows to the command only since September, 15th. At us will pass traditional All-Russia tournament in factory prizes the Autodevice (with participation of commands of the Higher league And and ) . The championship will begin 27 - on September, 28th. a dynamo the first match will play with soldiers from Rostov-on-Don.

Who is concrete

has come?

Alexander Latyshev ( the Locomotive Novosibirsk).
Alexey Andreev ( Ural Mountains Ufa).
Stanislav Karavatsky, Vladimir Shendrikov (both Ural Mountains - 2 Ufa).
Paul Plotnikov ( the Dynamo - 2 Moscow).


Valery Nikolaevich Bagmetov, the honoured worker of physical training. Was born in Bashkiria on December, 30th, 1951. In trainer`s activity is engaged 30 with superfluous years. Last years trained clubs the Oil industry worker of Bashkiria (Ufa), the Petrochemist (Salavat) and University (Elabuga).
the Higher achievements: in 1998 the Oil industry worker of Bashkiria Under its management occupies 5 - e a place in the Superleague. In 1999 the Oil industry worker of Bashkortostan - the silver prize-winner of the Cup of Russia.
in Vladimir together with Valery Nikolaevichem there has arrived also his family.

the Slope has died, long live the Dynamo ?
the former name of the command And still is a pity. A word the Slope has appeared on vests of volleyball players UIN (former name UFSIN) about 12 years ago as slightly camouflaged abbreviation Sports club of administration of prisons . The command as amateur, in due course becoming professional club started to play. At the world of professional sports the laws. For certain name change is dictated by sober calculation. And still the Dynamo - it is a lot of, and the Slope there was one.
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