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As Stanislav Donets will act on the OLYMPIC GAMES - 2008

Stanislav Donets
the Photo: the author

Stanislav Donets


the Master of sports of the international class

Age - 25 years

Weight - 84 kgs

Growth - 193 centimetres


Plavaniem Stas has started to be engaged at seven-year age when has come in dimitrovgradsky sport centre the Dolphin in section to the parents.

the Gold and bronze prize-winner of the World championships, the champion of Europe in relay race, the winner of the championship of the Old World on short to water, the repeated champion of Russia.

Competent opinion

Trainer Yury rajhman:

- the Main task for Stasa - to improve the personal records. If it allows to become medallist Igr - I will be very glad. The Olympic Games - unpredictable competition win which the sportsman unknown earlier can as the favourite, and to anybody.

the President of the All-Russia federation of swimming Sergey NORYSHKIN:

- At us very perspective structure has stolen up. There are sportsmen who enter into elite of world swimming, there are young children (into their number enters and dimitrovgradets Stanislav Donets) for which the Olympic Games in Beijing become the first, but, is assured, is far not last. I do not want to do any medalnyh forecasts, but, speak, to beginners carries. And we have the right to count on successful performance of our swimmers.


In a subject

Who from representatives of the Ulyanovsk region already participated in the Olympic games

the Sportsman   the Sport the Olympic Games, result

Vitaly Konstantinov   Greek - the Roman struggle   Munich - 72, without a medal

Vitaly Konstantinov   Greek - the Roman struggle   Montreal - 76 , gold

Alexander Puchkov   Track and field athletics     Moscow - 80, bronze

Vyacheslav Lampeev   Field hockey     bronze

Vladimir Krylov     Track and field athletics     Seoul - 88, gold

Yury Zaharevich Weightlifting   Seoul - 88, gold

Alexey Lezin Boxing     Atlanta - 96, bronze

Zafar Guliev   Greek - the Roman struggle   Atlanta - 96, bronze

Alexey Lezin Boxing     Sydney - 2000, without a medal

Sergey Kazakov Boxing     Sydney - 2000, without a medal

Leonid Hohlov Swimming     Sydney - 2000, without a medal

Sergey Kazakov Boxing     Athenes - 2004, bronze

Artem Kjuregjan Greek - the Roman struggle   Athenes - 2004, bronze

Stanislav Donets     Swimming     Beijing - 2008?



Stanislav Donets has already earned one-room apartment

the Government of Russia and the Olympic committee have promised to pay to winners and prize-winners of Games - 2008 solid bonus. Owners of gold medals will receive in roubles the sum equivalent to 100 thousand of euro, silver prize-winners - an equivalent to 60 thousand euro, and bronze - an equivalent to 40 thousand euro.

the Solid award Stanistav can earn Donets and from the All-Russia federation of swimming.