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Georgians are afraid of deportation from Krasnoyarsk

- you saw, you saw, what is created in Ossetia?! - On Monday at many Krasnoyarsk citizens the first meeting on work or phone call began with a question on terrible events in Tskhinvali - capital of the self-intoned republic South Ossetia.

At one Krasnoyarsk citizens in Georgia and Ossetia there live relatives; others were going to go to have a rest nearby to frontier territory with Georgia - to Abkhazia; someone elementary went to Georgian cafe close to the house. Now all has changed.

Here again, in far Krasnoyarsk, the echo Georgian - jugoosetinskoj wars too sounds.

in two days after the beginning of military operations across all Russia the Antigeorgian appeals have swept. Radical political movements demand immediately to block actions of all economic projects of Georgia in territory of Russia and to start deportation the Georgian. In Krasnoyarsk such statements did not sound yet. But local Georgians seriously are afraid that in case of continuation of the military conflict reprisals will begin and in Krasnoyarsk.

I am afraid both for myself, and for relatives

- I cannot already phone the third day in native Batumi, - the waitress of the Georgian restaurant " tells; At grandfather Mito Dalila Bykova. By phone from Batumi communications are not present, it is necessary to call to acquaintances or to contact them on electronic mail. To me it is terrible for the the uncle and the aunt, for relatives and acquaintances, and, to tell the truth, it is terrible for itself. The war in South Ossetia becomes more awful, the more than bad conversations arises round all Georgian people. Two years ago, during the conflict of Russia to government Saakashvilli, from Krasnoyarsk already moved the Georgian: where the guarantee, what it will not repeat and now? On a speciality I the economist but to come back to Georgia I do not want. For me there there is no prospect.

the Georgian civil guardsmen chain in handcuffs?

Each hour per the Georgian restaurant where Dalila works, from relatives and relatives by phone new details arrive. The cores that the western and Georgian mass-media impudently deceive local population and present present war as the Russian aggression.

- one of acquaintances of Georgia is Literally yesterday has told to me that military men rush into houses and in the face of parents violently take away young sons in the Georgian home guard. And in case of resistance put on it handcuffs. All frontier Osset settlements and Tskhinvali have literally levelled with the earth. I even the TV have ceased to look. To me it is simply terrible.

Iona Logadze wants to work in the world.
a photo: Alexander BLACK

the Simple people in what the Georgian, living in Krasnoyarsk is not guilty

Despite fears, today in a city is not observed any international conflicts. Phones of heads of the Georgian diaspora, unfortunately, are not accessible that, obviously, is called by an agiotage in connection with latest developments. During one of trainings of Krasnoyarsk fighters among which the majority of natives of caucasus, to us was possible to communicate to the senior of group on safety of sportsmen during training by sergeant Evgenie Lebedev:

- Any special commissions on the strengthened protection of fighters, natives of Ossetia and Georgia, we did not receive. After the beginning of military operations in Ossetia the situation in a city has not changed in any way.

Also were optimistically voiced and in the city Department of Internal Affairs. Check of a passport system and control in the city markets passes in a usual planned mode. And the seller of the Georgian spices in Iona Logadze Krasnoyarsk Central market is assured that visitors Georgians on a broader scale in what are not guilty and are not obliged to be responsible for criminal acts of the politicians. And if at all of them documents in an order, the authorities do not offend them.