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In Vladimir have brought edible cockroaches!

there have arrived reptiles from Altay territory.
- We with friends long time were fond of a photo, - Alexander Tsyganov, the manager and the founder of an exhibition tells, - and then, having saved up the necessary sum of money, have decided to carry out our old dream - to open an exhibition. We would like to bring something rare. There are exhibitions of parrots, dogs, cats, and here now there will be also an exhibition of reptiles and amphibious.
in a small aquarium the tiny crocodile had a rest.
- and it is our favourite of the Gene - Alexander strokes the green friend on a back. - we will tame it here, becomes, as house. Here only we do not know, the boy it or the girl: to define a sex of a crocodile it is possible only at a birth. So it can appear that it not the Gene at all, and, say, Geniha...
Were at an exhibition and poisonous reptiles.
- look at a salamander: See, at it warning colouring, - Alexander shows on bright specks on a body of a salamander. - it allocates the poison through a skin.
I have opened a mouth from surprise: the dangerous reptile sat at it on a hand!
- yes at me already immunity to it was developed, - Alexander calms me. - and on a broader scale poison of a salamander in small amounts is used in medicine at treatment of skin diseases.
in the next aquarium tritons floated. A triton, by the way, a being divine in Ancient Greek mythology. Probably, therefore these reptiles so idly lay and unwillingly moved. But with pleasure posed - on pleasure for all visitors of an exhibition.
from other aquarium characteristic hissing was heard. Many turn at once back: hissing was published by the present Madagascar cockroaches! But are afraid costs to cockroaches: it appears, these insects - a favourite dish of gourmets all over the world!
- on taste they remind zhulen, - has opened a secret Alexander.
In the next aquarium larvae crept. I have involuntarily shuddered from thought: really too it is possible to eat them?
- and here zoofobus, - Alexander shows on coiling worms, - as creamy yoghurt - fingers will lick!
can it is wrong me mum learnt: sometimes all - taki it is possible to eat what moves?
at an exhibition it was possible to look and at boas. By the way, in Colombia and Venezuela these snakes hold, as pets. Nearby the lying gecko too concerns pets, truth, indirect: sounds published by it are similar to bark of a dog.
has come to feed time animals. Iguana has prepared for a meal: before it the cabbage sheet lay. But there is under a steadfast look of visitors of an exhibition it refused. It was necessary to depart from an aquarium on some metres as iguana started to bite off greedy slices from a vegetable.
- and here we, as a rule, feed turtles with the beef liver, shrimps, squids, - Alexander tells. - Sometimes we arrange for them a feast: we submit on a table small small fishes.
turtles, by the way - known dolgozhitelnitsy. Under good conditions some kinds can live till 150 years!
- and it at us young growth, - the manager nods towards a turtle heated under a lamp, - to it of only 50 years. All life still ahead! To us so to look vigorous in 50 years!

it is concrete

the Exhibition the World of reptiles and amphibious it is possible to visit till September, 7th from 10:00 till in park 850 - letija.
to Children to 4 - h years - it is free
with 4 - h till 7 years - 50 roubles
to Schoolboys, students, pensioners - 80 roubles
the Adult - 120 roubles