Rus News Journal

In Vladimir region there was a platform for skejterov!

At them at everyone on three - four crises, but all of them equally now will show a class ! - the leader declares Moscow ekstremalov which manufacture tricks on roller boards - skejtah. And three Muscovites, hiding cigarettes from spectators, to pleasure of public begin show: fly up in air from brand new springboards.

Olli! Kik - flip! 180 bek - a site! - cried out ekstremaly. Behind magic spells disappeared skejterskie tricks in which Muscovites trained young gapers. That who is not afraid to break elbows on asphalt, sponsors on a Holy Protection City Day have presented a new platform for a skateboarding - the first in area. In total - that - two springboards and the metal handrail fastened to asphalt - and pleasure and adrenaline weight.

But not only this show Day of a Holy Protection - but also the master - a class on thekvondo with which to spectators have arranged 12 - summer boys from local section was remembered. While gallant 12 - letka stacked hooligans on a grass, to it has decided to help karapuz, come off parents. Show has appeared so realistic that the young spectator took a stick - and began to thrash to it the first fallen to a grass the hooligan .

And still spectators could feel themselves the presents chukchami - if on the vladimirskiy City Day roll on horses, in a Holy Protection - on lajkah!

Here so, unusually, on - sports, past Sunday pokrovtsy have noted 230 - letie from the date of giving to a Holy Protection of the status of a city. And so - that their native land this year 600 years...