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The Kuban Cossacks are torn to war

As soon as in South Ossetia the present slaughter-house, the Kuban Cossacks zasobiralis on war has begun.

- We   we can not stand apart, - the ataman of the Kuban Cossack army Nikolay DOLUDA has told. - Are ready to go now volunteers and to support brothers - the Ossetin.

Tens Cossacks began to gather for war but while their help was not necessary.
- all the matter is that there costs field army, - Konstantin perenizhko tells the deputy the ataman. - Here if it was not - another matter. And so well trained soldiers will bring more advantage, than even we. Sense to drive there not trained people? But if the situation becomes aggravated, we there and then will collect groups - interested persons suffice in each area of Kuban.   we here help refugees   while.

As it was found out, the Kuban Cossacks went to the North Ossetia for children and have brought them to Anapa. Each Kuban city has allocated places for reception of victims in this mad war.  

- From us nine persons have already left to Ossetia, - Peter KIRGUEV, the chairman of a regional Osset society of culture and mercy " speaks; Alan .   - But also they have gone there not to war, and to take away the relatives - there there were parents of these people. A leah they will want to leave - that still a question.