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In Vladimir volunteers while are not present

- Lesha, you the TV look?! - The grandmother has called me on Saturday drowned in tears. And only after the grandmother has had a good cry, I have understood that it is a question of small town Tshinval that in South Ossetia.
that vladimirtsy are revolted by action of the Georgian armies in South Ossetia, is softly told. About it speak everywhere: in smoking-rooms, on kitchens. At offices TVs work - people catch all news, concerning Ossetias. And all empathize the local peace population (both Osset, and Georgian), and to the Russian soldiers.
that is characteristic, wishing to take in hands the weapon is not present.

Is not present, while any volunteer at us did not appear, - have responded in the October military registration and enlistment office. - and as far as we know, in Leninsk and Frunze military registration and enlistment offices too volunteers were not. On a broader scale, it is necessary to consider that partizanshchinu we are not going to arrange. If someone wants to help, it can go to Ossetia only under the contract. Vacancies in 58 - j armies are.

Unique who from my acquaintances has declared desire to go to caucasus - our photographer. Not to war. To work. To remove alive and to show another that hides for dry and a terrible word geopolitics .

with Georgia it would not be desirable War. Yet have not started to fight a murder for a murder let this terrible error will be faster corrected.