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Who earned medals for Yaroslavl

Now we hotly we support the six jaroslavtsev, extracting medals in Beijing. But it is not necessary to forget and about other sportsmen who have entered a name of a city in world history of sports.


1. The first gold has arrived to Yaroslavl on a game from Moscow in the summer 80 - go year. It

Valery Volkov (equestrian sport)

It also has brought was born in Yaroslavl in 1947. The merited master of sports, the brightest pupil Yaroslavl equestrian sport schools. Performance on the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980 became his career top. Then in command competitions on triathlon of Wolves with partners has managed to win gold medals.   in Russia Valery won the Big Prize and the Average Prize of the Championships of Russia in 2003.   it is the quadruple champion of Russia in personal offset. Besides, Valery -   The numerous champion of Games of the people of Russia in command offset and the double champion of the USSR in triathlon. Acted on cups of the Governor and the Championships of Moscow.   now trains the Yaroslavl sportsmen.

2. The following gold there were in our city only later 8 years. And that is especially pleasant, in one of the most popular sports disciplines - football. Its owner - the pupil of school SHinnik

Evgenie Kuznetsov (football)

Evgenie Borisovich was born in 1961 in Yaroslavl. The halfback. The merited master of sports.

In the championships of the USSR has spent 209 matches, has hammered in 23 goals. In the championship of Russia - 10 matches, 1 goal. The champion of the USSR - 1987, 1989; 2 - j the prize-winner - 1983, 1984, 1985; 3 - j the prize-winner - 1982, 1986. 2 - j the prize-winner of the championship of Russia - 1995.   Champion OI - 88 (5 matches). 2 - j the prize-winner of the championships of Sweden - 1990, 1991, 1992; 3 - j the prize-winner - 1993. The owner of the Cup of Sweden - 1991. The Head coach Karlskruny (1999 - 2000), Estera (2001 - 2003). Now lives with a family in Sweden.

3. And as early as 4 years later   the gold Olympic award was brought from Barcelona

by Oleg Kiselyov (handball)

Our fellow countryman - the merited master of sports. The basic role - right light-middleweight. The Olympic champion of XXV summer Olympic games in Barcelona (1992). The World champion (1993), vitse - the world champion (1990), the Champion of Europe (1996.), the silver prize-winner of the European championship (1994.), the Champion of Soviet Union (1990), the winner of Good-will games 1990, the silver prize-winner of the championships of the USSR (1989, 1991) . The owner of the Cup of Cups, the Cup of the European champions. Supported the Spanish clubs Geka Pamplona and Portland the Dignity Antonio . Now works as the general director of club the Dawn of Kuban (Astrakhan).

And in the same year from Spain   the fourth has arrived and last gold in one of the most elite sports nominations - track and field athletics. Also has extracted it for   Yaroslavl

Maxim Tarasov - track and field athletics (pole vaults)

Maxim the merited master of sports.   the first success in large adult competitions has come to it on a world championship to Tokyo in 1991 where it has occupied 3 - e a place.

In 1992 it became the Olympic champion as a part of the Incorporated command on the Olympic games in Barcelona. This success was contributed to no small degree by that Sergey Bubka has left the Olympic tournament, taking sensational not initial height. And here on the Olympic games in Sydney it has appeared only bronze.

On three subsequent world championships Tarasov immutably appeared on a pedestal: in Stuttgart in 1993 it became the third; in the Geteborg in 1995 and in Athenes in 1997 he won silver. And here in Seville in 1998 Maxim became the World champion. In 2001   has received a serious trauma and some time later has finished career. Long time lived in Budapest, in 2002 has returned with a family to Yaroslavl. It is married, has two children.


In Mexico City in 1968 silver in bullet shooting took   Valentine Kornev.

The same year in the South America the second in height has jumped   Anastas Okorokova.

And only in 28 years Yaroslavl has seen one more shine Olympic silver on a chest of our glorified gymnast. One more page with an inscription Yaroslavl Elena Groshev has entered in the Olympic book.

Last medal (bronze) has arrived from Athenes only 4 years ago. Its owner became rapirist   Vyacheslav Pozdnyakov.    


for That to wait from the Olympic Games in Beijing?


- the Olympic Games in Beijing differ from those Olympic Games in which I participated, in a word - the East. This and special relation, special psychology, special mentality. As to our national team on track and field athletics, I hope that very unpleasant incident with disqualification of girls, will not bring down a victorious spirit of a Russian team. And in mine Prospect sector very iridescent - two gold and more a medal we necessarily should take!