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The Sochi militiamen check having a rest

Has passed all some days after explosion in settlement Loo, and life already starts to go the turn. If in the first day after state of emergency tourists lomanulis on stations - are faster far away for this horror,   now it is literally in several metres from the filled up funnel and the colours put on a terrible place sunbathe having a rest. Does not frighten visitors and war with Georgia - crowds of travellers in shirts of cheerful colouring easy go to Abkhazia. Say, the whole year holiday - that waited now, to cancel all?

- At us shoot for a long time, we have got used, - local residents shrug shoulders. -   and for tourists it like as an entertainment - like where - that bullets whistle, over a head military planes fly, but the sensation of danger is not present.

the Only thing that has changed now in Sochi, - militiamen became in times more. In the evenings almost to each small group which has settled down on a beach, guards approach, shine a small lamp on bags, check passports. People concern it with understanding - life more expensively.

And At this time

Mum of the lost inhabitant of Kiev has come to the senses

Tatyana Dolja, mother 22 - the summer Marina who were lost on the central beach in Loo, has come to the senses. We will remind, the woman has seriously suffered at explosion, long was without consciousness. Doctors struggled some days for her life. Tatyana does not communicate with journalists, say that words are given to it hardly. Tatyana Andrey Dolja`s son is now in hostel, as well as other victims discharged from hospital. Residing of people was paid by the regional authorities.