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The pedophile has enticed the boy into wood, having promised a pistol

- This toy can be altered easily under the present service pistol, it is necessary only pruzhinku to change! - so in toy shop the man has surprised two boys. At those already eyes have lighted up - instead of plastic pulek just bought by them two pugacha will shoot the presents! So the drama, occurred in the evening on July, 31st began kovrovskaja.
29 - summer kovrovchanin Yury Kulakov (the name and a surname are changed) was unbound recently, where it have sent for pedophilia. Has trebled for decent work, did not drink... But a hobby to the has not changed. Two boys who chose plastic pistols in shop, Yury has noticed for a long time. Pedophile not bad understanding psychology has overheard, how young men loudly discuss advantages of the acquisitions, and the scenario was born in a head by itself.
- the Man has offered two 12 - to summer boys to change springs in their pistols, and for this purpose - to drive with it to the next village. Ostensibly there at it there lives one friend who changes such springs on the charitable beginnings, - has told the head of Kovrovsky investigatory department Michael Makarov.
to sweep on a bicycle to the friend in village Osipovo Jury has offered only to one of boys - a pier, its old bicycle will not sustain one more passenger. So the pedophile has got off the second guy. Both pistols of visors the first boy.
- having reached to tracks, the criminal has stopped. Witnesses in wood were not, besides darkened - and he has raped the boy. In all before noted cases pedophiles in Kovrove killed children, - inspectors have told to us. - but this has released the boy.
the guy - to parents, those is in militia. Caught kovrovskogo the pedophile three days - and on August, 3rd have detained in the street. It is not so much thanks to an identikit which have made under indications of a victim, how much thanks to that Yury has already soiled itself just the same crime in 2001.
now the consequence is still conducted, to Kulakovu psychiatric examination is not appointed even not. Expects Yury Kulakova already familiar to it 132 - I article UK and at least eight years of prison.

And how much give to pedophiles?

One year ago the regional court considered case melenkovskogo the pedophile own daughter became which victim. The man scoffed at it throughout five years! In 2001 - m it left prison where 8 years has left for rape. Left ahead of schedule - and all collected rage has decided to vent on 10 - the summer daughter. Mockeries in a native home proceeded five years - all this time the daughter went in bruises, the native father beat her even a metal rod. Only once she has complained to girlfriends - but those have saved silence. The daughter in this time some times escaped from the house and tried to commit suicide...
have given to it of 10 years.

How to save the child

1. Do not allow the child to get acquainted in the street with strangers, to inform the home address and phone.
2. Be interested, where exactly it walks, periodically check that it is there.
3. If the child has told that has registered in a circle or section, be not too lazy to check up, what is this an institution.
4. If your child had an adult friend, find out, what is this the person, under what circumstances there was an acquaintance, what its real name what exactly connects them.
5. Check saved in a mobile phone of child SMS - messages and archive of messages aski about occurrence in it of suspicious contacts. (It is ugly, but life of the child is more expensive.)
6. If your court yard is not shined at night, achieve installation of lanterns.
7. If the child searches to itself for acquaintances on the Internet, tell that he should not inform virtual acquaintances the real name, the address, phone.