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In Ekaterinburg the nurse has overturned on the kid a pan with boiling soup

that day Veronica Mironov passed examinations at university (it ended the fifth year). Have called from kindergarten where its unique son Nikitka goes.

- over your child have poured soup. It have taken away on fast, - has chilly informed managing a kindergarten.

- In what hospital?! - The shocked mum has cried in a tube.

- In the ninth

In half an hour the woman already stood at the dressing.

- There it is impossible, - the nurse has blocked a way. - also collect the strength, your son all in burns. A T-shirt tore off together with a skin

- When I have seen Nikita, have not fainted nearly, - Veronica remembers. It everything as a mummy, has been wound by bandage. Doctors have told that at it is burnt fifteen percent of a skin - the person, a trunk.


the Photo from hospital: poor Nikitka courageously transferred bandagings.
a photo: Rinat NIZAMOV
the Pan was without a cover

  Nikita has lain on a hospital cot ten days. Then doctors have allowed to recover to it of the house.

- I nurture a sonny one, we have divorced from the husband. It was heavy most oklematsja after that with the child such happens. When like has come to the senses, has gone to a kindergarten, to learn that all - taki has occurred, - Veronica tells it to me, and at most - eyes on a wet place. The woman cannot remember the endured horror without tears.

In a kindergarten to 587 woman have put explanatory nurses who has spilt boiling soup on 3 - the summer kid. In a note it is said that all pupils during that moment were in group, played. Nikita has asked for a toilet, has run. Here all also has occurred

- the Teacher has released it, knowing that during this moment the nurse carries a dinner, - speaks Veronica. - when Nikita has faced the nurse, on it the whole pan of a hot rassolnik has overturned. Which has not been closed at all by a cover as it should be under safety precautions.

Soon all cones have thrown off on the nurse, it on the fast have dismissed. And Tatyana Kuzmenko managing a kindergarten has suggested mother of the suffered boy business to hush up simply.

- She to me wanted to offer indemnification - four thousand roubles, - Veronica Mironov tells. - has and more added: From the salary I give In so much it has estimated mutilations of my son.

  Here if an extremity has torn off!.

  the Child now all in scars and hems. Doctors say that consequences of state of emergency neizgladimy - completely to restore a skin it will be impossible. And it will be possible to do correction and laser polishing only when to the boy 16 years will be executed.

- At it on all life the back as at a leopard will be - all in stains, - mum cries. - and one operation on skin correction already costs today almost 80 thousand roubles. Where I will take such money? One on feet of the son I lift

In the meantime a kindergarten and is not going to indemnify a loss Mironov. The management has let know that except four thousand mother of the fellow to count there is nothing.

Veronica was converted into Office of Public Prosecutor of Chkalovsky area. Its statement have directed to the commission on affairs not full age. Inspector Agafonova, having studied medical documents, has declared:

- At the boy of a trauma of moderate severity level, therefore criminal case we will not get.

- And that means heavy traumas? - Veronica was perplexed. - that should sluchit with the child to punish the guilty?

- If an extremity has torn off, then on - to another talked, - that has cold responded.

Nikita has transferred terrible stress

  But Veronica did not surrender, has gone to regional Office of Public Prosecutor. Thought, will find understanding there.

- Alas, but laws I write not, and deputies. And they are chosen by you, - the inspector has responded. The woman has not believed to the ears

In kindergarten where have crippled the kid, Nikita does not go any more. It at the desire of mother have translated in the next.

- It turns out, all your wanderings, obivanija thresholds were ineffectual. That all - taki wanted to achieve, - I ask.

- I want, that, sending the child in a kindergarten, I was quiet for his life, - Veronica admits. - and that have been punished guilty of the happened misfortune with my son, a kindergarten management. No money will compensate that has worried 3 - the summer child.

- Nikita has changed after that?

- After hospital it began stammer, be wetted strongly at night in bed. Were converted with it to psychologists. They say that Nikita has transferred a psychological trauma, but the stress should pass, and the child will be restored.

  the Nurse hurried up

  Yesterday I together with Veronica Mironovoj descended in this garden 587. As it always happens, the teacher to which group Nikitka went, has gone on leave. The manager who offered mother of 4000 roubles, too on rest.

We were met by the manager by an economic part Galina Ponomareva. Has met, to put it mildly, not strongly hospitably.

- you have got illegally into our establishment! - has declared the supply manager. - and why have chosen this day for trials, when the manager in holiday?!  

- I simply want to receive explanations in happened - I have tried to explain. - your employee bore a pan without a cover. Probably, ware be closed, the child would manage smaller mutilations. Today the situation with covers has changed?

- It was such always - both at that time, and now! - the woman has declared. - there is an instruction in which it is told, as well as with what temperature to carry a food.

- But the nurse bore boiling soup without a cover

- For it it has been punished. I do not know, can, she where - that hurried up, or something else it has motivated so to arrive.

With these words us have safely shown the door for kindergarten gate.

- See, how employees talk to people, - poor mum again has begun to cry. - what apologies from them you will achieve    


Mum should be converted into court!

the Lawyer Marina Pastuhova has got acquainted with a situation with Nikita Mironov and documents which has collected his mother.  

- Employees of a kindergarten, according to treaty provisions on rendering of services in the maintenance and a food of the child, undertake to carry out behind it appropriate supervision. Occurrence of accident was a consequence of that employees fulfilled in the inadequate image the duties, having left the child without supervision. They are obliged to refund to mum all expenses called by such mutilation. Thus, Veronica has all rights to be converted into court with the claim about reimbursement for treatment and compensation of moral harm.


If the child has become a cripple in a kindergarten