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Wedding boom in Krasnodar: the city has turned to one big stopper

Difficultly to present that was created at the Krasnodar registry offices in magic day - 08. 08. 08! Since early morning a newly-married couple, their relatives and visitors attacked wedding palaces. The registry office of the Western district on a broader scale has turned to the conveyor: a newly-married couple hardly had time to pose for the photographer and to kiss on the chamber,   as other pair approached. Wedding trains approached one behind one. And so all the day!

One bride on a broader scale have brought in a huge black jeep Hammer . It, truth, hardly - has hardly parked on the small area at a registry office.

Employees of Wedding palace were ready to such agiotage. That all steams had time to undersign, work a registry office has begun not since nine mornings as it is necessary, and from eight. In total day of three eights only here in marriage was entered already by 69 steams!  

to Register a newly-married couple have begun since early morning.

- From - for a considerable quantity of a newly-married couple it was necessary to reduce ceremony of matrimony to 10 - 15 minutes, - has told the chief of department the REGISTRY OFFICE of the Western district of Krasnodar Natalia BASURINA. - And the break between checks in was minimum. But to all steams we suited the present feast! I think that they will remember well this date.

Krasnodar enamoured, and already the lawful husband and Anastas and Alexey Prohorovy`s wife were simply shone with happiness. The young man on a step did not release the bride. That dress will correct for it, will kiss. About this beautiful pair - Kuban wrote in number for August, 8th.

- I very much, am very glad that Nastjushka at last - that became my wife, - has joyfully informed Lesha and has kissed suzhenuju on a cheek. - we long waited for this day! Have specially chosen on eighth of August. After all if the eight to turn, the sign
infinity will turn out. I hope that we with Nastej will be unboundedly happy!

And here a newly-married couple of Artem and Galja Alabiny do not believe in magic of figures and date have chosen absolutely casually.

- Half a year back, kogdy we appointed the wedding day, was found out that some visitors can arrive only in the beginning of August, - explains Artem. - then we with Galej took a calendar and eight have pointed a finger at figure. And when have learnt that this day Krasnodar all almost will marry, have gone to occupy turn in a registry office. A day before filing of application.

- And it was necessary to be on duty the whole night, - Galina speaks. - In eleven evenings we were already the fifth among those who was going to marry in day of three eights.

So with what such agiotage is connected? It appears, to register the relations in such day it is considered a good sign. Therefore and in superstition about that in a leap-year it is not necessary to conclude the marriages, any pair does not believe. Enamoured consider that the union concluded in magic day, - on all life.  

Having received the long-awaited certificate and having drunk champagne, steams went to walk on a city. The most popular place, as usual, was   the bridge of Kisses. To tell the truth, here was not to force the way - it was simply captivated by wedding crowds and cars. From - for a large quantity of wedding trains on Kubanonaberezhnoj the huge stopper was formed.  

And here at a monument to Catherine the Great from young men turns were built to be photographed at a monument.


Happiness will be above a roof

- the Marriage concluded this day, will be very successful, and a newly-married couple is expected by mutual understanding and success in business, - the Krasnodar astrologist Nikolay GUTMAN speaks. - the Combination of three eights - on a broader scale threefold luck. To figure there corresponds a number of symbols: love, harmony, an arrangement, the law, the agreement. The eight - an infinity symbol, and it very much approaches for day of matrimony.