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The head of the Ministry of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik: Groats are - be not stirred!

the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik has declared it in interview « to the Russian newspaper ». As she said, taking into account last year`s stocks of a crop to our country will suffice wholly. Judge: in a year Russians potrebljajujut about 78 million tons of grain, and on fields have already collected 42 million Plus, according to Rosstata, from last year in granaries there was almost 26 million tons. Means, it is necessary to gather additionally about 10 million tons completely to satisfy demand for grain in the country.
- Cleaning in Siberia and in Ural Mountains is just developed, - has explained Skrynnik. - Under the forecast, in these regions good gathering is planned. So I can report on you: it is enough grain for internal consumption.
Deficiency grechki - also a far-fetched problem, consider in the Ministry of Agriculture. In a year Russians consume 515 thousand tons. By estimations, this year it will be made 450 thousand tons of groats. And more 43 thousand tons remains from last year.
- So deficiency of buckwheat in the country practically is not present, - has assured the Minister of Agriculture. - and that in separate shops someone tries to rise sharply in the price, are gamble and price arrangements. In it the antimonopoly service should be engaged. Groats are, be not stirred.
According to all available data from the Ministry of Agriculture, published on an official site of department, the drought has ruined crops grain on the area in 12 million in hectare (it about a quarter from all areas under crops). The general loss from abnormal heat is estimated in 40 billion roubles - the government plans to compensate this money to the suffered regions.