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To clear an organism of a smog red wine will help and... Hydrogen peroxide?


On the Internet - forums so much recipes on struggle against smog consequences walk, simply the head swells, and for horror! That there are such, for example, pearls: “ to increase quantity of oxygen in an organism, it is necessary to drink on 15 drops of peroxide of hydrogen on a glass of water with salt ”. And a throat from ashes otpolaskivat aviation kerosene. Some simply advise on all to hammer and “ to deduce toxins ” in the checked up way: vodka (or gin - for gourmets)...

Yury Smolkin , the director Scientifically - clinical   the advisory centre of allergology and immunology, the professor:

- To peroxide close do not approach: simply will earn a burn of the mucous. Oxygen receive - a full zero. Kerosene (if at all, God forbid, will get where - that) at all will corrode mucous throats. As they say, anything except a pain and these humiliations “ national ways ” will not bring.

As to binge. Strong alcohol at first expands vessels, then sharply narrows, plus breaks tremoreguljatsiju and only strengthens gipoksiju. Colonists drank gin with water not to pick up a malaria, and it absolutely other song. Carbonic oxide here on a broader scale at anything.

Though red wine (the present, good grape wine, without impurity) really helps blood-groove strengthening, expansion of vessels, improvement of warm activity, has small diuretic effect (that is from hypostases). And even is somewhat a sorbent. But detoksikatsija by means of red wine it is admissible in certain quantities: about gramme on kg of weight of the person. That is the fragile girl there will be enough 50 grammes, and to the large man - gramme 100 - 150 in day.