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The Ekaterinburg monument of architecture have destroyed, that to rescue

the Rose Street Luxembourg continues to lose the historical shape. A private residence of first half of the XIX-th century, known as a monument « the Complex of the former Balneary » too has fallen under knifes of bulldozers, as well as four its colleagues by the misfortune, already destroyed before.

the decayed two-storeyed house with a wing to the address of the Rose Luxembourg, 50 at first have fenced. Have explained that will restore, but, seemingly, a fencing have put to hide from curious eyes as will take down a building. And it was really taken down by unknown persons. Initiative townspeople who have managed to make some pictures from height of the bird`s flight have learnt about it. Also it has appeared that from a brick private residence there was only dilapidated the base a skeleton.  

Before it have taken down, the private residence was in a sorry plight collapsed from time.

- At the initiative of the Savings Bank a balneary wing on crossing of the Rose Luxembourg and Kuibyshev has been taken down. But all was under the law. After istoriko - cultural examination it is a building have excluded from objects of a cultural heritage and have removed from protection. And have taken down only after these procedures, - chief of the department Rosohrankultury on UrFo Sergey Isachkin has commented on a situation.

Officials do not see tragedy that have actually destroyed an ancient building.   and have taken down this monument of architecture to restore. Because other exit was not.   the head of department of the state protection of objects of a cultural heritage of the Ministry of culture of area Yury Kurashov has told about it.

At first a private residence have fenced, on which have hung up the tablets telling about the future restoration, instead the house have simply taken down.

- Long time this ancient building was not under repair. When this house have started to investigate, it was found out that it to be below modern planirovochnoj marks   on metre and twenty centimetres. That is has grown into the earth, - Yury Kurashov has explained. - From - for it before a private residence facade always there was a big pool, and walls became wet and collapsed. Before restoring a private residence, it planned to lift on jacks. But it has appeared that become shabby the structure will not sustain such operation and, most likely, will collapse. Therefore also have decided all to take down then to build up anew
In « the Savings Bank » which has redeemed a private residence, notice that will restore it precisely on the old sizes. The architect - the restorer of I category, director UralNiIproekt Alexander of Debts will supervise over works. Completely to restore the house plan by February, for all work will leave 30 million roubles.

Removed from height, the destruction picture has forced to be indignant fans of olden time.

the Photo: www. e1. ru