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Russian students beg in the USA

  Going on summer earnings to the USA, our children thirsted to plunge into attracting another`s world. A leah who thought that   the American dream of this Trinity will be smashed, and the labour way will come to the end with begging on main road.

As informs the Texas TV channel KVUE NEWS, 19 − summer Evgenie Bystrov, 20 − summer Elena Rybalko and   21 − summer Panfilov`s Anna have arrived to States under the student`s program employing them and residing in Texas. Receiving parties were nju - jorkskaja the company on   to exchange Interexchange and   company Geovisions from Nju - Gempshira.

In small town Austin Russians were arranged with inspectors of pools on a local resort of Shedouglen, but the employer - firm Lifeline Aquatics from   Georgetown – them it is banal has thrown and has not paid copecks. And students had more to pay habitation ($420) and the food. The fifty dollars taken with self have exhaled, and now it at all on what to come back home. To exchange the return ticket, it is necessary to lay out $300 more from a nose.

And to admit to parents the failure, it is a shame to youth. Here also have decided studiozy to take to the highroad, where they and were noticed by journalists. « I   dreamt to see America, to learn more about   to your culture to find new friends, to visit interesting places » - Eugene Bystrov complains, admitting that their travel has turned to the present nightmare. Meanwhile employers with tears in a voice prove that children have received both money, and invaluable experience …

By the way, on road « thrown » to students at last began to carry – girls in shorts and with teargas posters in hands receive from driving compassionate drivers on $50 day.

to Help children local mass-media &ndash want also; Journalists have contacted organizers of a trip and demand immediately to return to poor fellows money and to send them on houses. As on a nose on September, 1st, and term of their visas comes to an end.