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In Yeysk search for the model - a monkey

How much urged beach photographers to be converted better with animals whom they drag behind themselves, all is vain.   enterprising inhabitants of Krasnodar territory on - former   force to work   the stirred up beasts in the scorching heat. All remember an egregious example when for the sake of advertising the enterprising businessman has started in air on a parachute a she-ass. And recently in Yalta the crocodile has bitten off fingers to the three-year child.

Scoffed at animals and in Yeysk. But three-year obezjanka Rita could not go more with the owner on a scorching heat and ushmygnula from it.

- We since the morning have fed the babe and have left to work on a beach with other macaque, - the owner of the run away photomodel tells. - three at our place live obezjanki. Rita that day have left to have a rest. And the prankish has opened a cage and has given I tear up.

that Rita walks about across Yeysk, the proprietress neighbours have told. The woman has there and then jerked home to catch the fugitive. But made dizzy by freedom air, Rita has got on the highest tree. As   owners tried to entice the ward from shelter — all   uselessly. It was not moved and on different vkusnjashki.   it was necessary to call rescuers. However and at experts too it has turned out nothing. The monkey has only got over above - on the next poplar. Then emcheesovtsy have involved heavy artillery - the elevating crane. But the technics only has frightened unfortunate, and it has climbed on the top of a saving tree. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have made a helpless gesture and have left back home. But when all have dispersed, Rita has got out of shelter and has faded from owners, as they say, kitchen gardens. So, where now resides offended zhivotina, it is not known.

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures could not catch fluent obezjanku and have left with what.
the Photo: yeiskgid. ru

Certainly, Margarita hardly will want to come back to work. But its owners on - former do not surrender and continue searches.


the Fluffy, brown-eyed girl with large ears and a long tail, by sight about three years. Can move on two paws, adores fruit, especially bananas.   a favourite phrase of the babe « At - and - and ».   Found or seeing Rita ask to be converted into local police station.

Dear readers! Perhaps it is necessary to change the law on the maintenance   animals and to forbid to go on beaches with exotic beasts? Share the opinion in comments to article.