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Vladimir Maurin: All letters in Russian - cheerful!

this Sunday in a TV channel grid « Russia » there is a new program - « 33 cheerful letters ». What is this a beast? A leah has occurred an annoying typing error, after all, on a known introduction, cheerful letters in our alphabet only three...

with these questions we were converted to one of leaders - to Vladimir Maurinu. It and its workmate Vladimir Loginov from comic magazine « Red slops » - persons of new show.

- the program name symbolises that we take for a basis our magazine consisting of letters, and that in Russian all letters cheerful!

- so and all?

- well... - Vladimir was restive. - there is, of course, a soft sign. But that it not cheerful, you understand only with the years.

- and what for the program - that at you?

- television. We so think that it entertaining.

- also what gives the grounds to you so to believe?

- that we publish 20 years magazine « Red slops ». And all 20 years we think that it comic. And we have decided that if on the basis of this magazine we will make the program it will be entertaining and ridiculous.

- the certain logic in it is... But a leah is impossible more clearly - that it will be for transfer?

- in very beautiful studio we with my colleague Vladimir Loginov before microphones will read magazine materials « Red slops ». And still we have invited visitors - people who to us are pleasant, - and have set them in the auditorium first row. We will call them on a scene - can be, they something will want to tell.

- a leah is something at what you will never laugh?

- it is possible to joke of all! But not it is possible to show all jokes on the TV. But on a broader scale we try to joke so that people did not take offence.

- and what offends people?

- if to them specify in their any lacks. They after all and so it is perfect about them know!

well and if it is serious, founders of the program promise cheerful improvisations, draws, jokes, announcements. Michael Shats, Tatyana Lazareva, Alexander Pushnoj, Simeon Altov, Anatoly Trushkin, Michael Mishin, Grigory Malygin, Oleg Akulich, Gennady Vetrov, brothers of Ponomarenko, Sergey Ditjatev and others became visitors of show.


Here so in representation « Red slops » release of news looks:

« 33 cheerful letters ». Sunday, evening,   Russia - K