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How to choose a correct autoarmchair for the kid

About security of the kid parents should not forget   neither in the afternoon, nor at night!
as a rule, during a trip   in the car mum holds the kid on hands, the child   is more senior — in a lap, without reflecting that   at blow it cannot keep it even for the speed 40 – 50 km/ ch, and in addition also will fall   on the kid, having pressed down its body.  

It turns out that parents should provide additional security measures   for the kids, but even create for them especially dangerous conditions!

to protect the kid on the journey, children`s     the automobile armchair should be picked up on   to weight of the child (according to the international standards of an armchair are divided on   to this sign on groups).    

Besides convenience to the kid and parents correct   the sizes of an armchair can keep the kid in an armchair and   considerably to lower loading on all parts of its body.


Properly strengthen a seat
the Photo: from a site: www. facts. kiev. ua

the Armchair should:

• To protect a head, a back and a trunk of the kid from blow behind (a back, a convenient headrest under the form for head and neck protection);

• to provide support at lateral blow (lateral support);

• to keep the kid at any blow (belts; the special design preventing « slipping » the child under belts   securities);

• to reduce risk of reception and weight of traumas (soft   overlays on belts).

Proceeding from it, the children`s automobile armchair should have reliable multilevel   adjustment system (at a good armchair 2 – 3 positions + belts).  

Before its trip follows in the most careful image   to adjust according to growth and clothes   the kid (belts should not sag and too strongly pull together a body of the kid).

the Children`s armchair is recommended to be established on a back seat (for the passenger), as a place   near to the driver — the most dangerous.    

Presence of a little table for games should be executed in   a uniform design with an armchair or it should be   it is provided specially not to become the reason   traumas in case of failure.  

the sitting Design should provide a correct bearing of the kid according to its age.  
children`s autoarmchairs happen:

• from three parts (a seat bowl, a restrictive little table, a support for feet);

• from two parts (a seat bowl, a restrictive little table);

• from one part (the seat is simple).

At a choice of a children`s autoarmchair it is necessary to consider age and character of the child, range   planned trips.  

At not enough thought over design the restrictive little table can become additional risk factor.

On an armchair there should be a demountable erased cover.