Rus News Journal

Films for the weekend. A choice of Stasa Tyrkina

« the City of sins » (2005)

Directors: Robert Rodriguez, Frenk Miller

In roles: Mikki Rourke, Bruce Willis, Benisio Del Toro

Delightful on an ingenuity, hypercruel komiks it is possible to name Rodriguez « Pulp fiction » a new century, brilliant break in the near future of a cinema, which, now it already crystal-clear, behind the digital image. Special thanks Rodriguez for returning to Rourke`s screen Mikki (it has occurred some years prior to « Restlera ») Both Bruce Willis and attempt to make small ruddy « the hobbit » Elajdzhu Wood the most terrible murderer in the world of comics.

Saturday and Sunday, evening, TNT.

« the Big business » (1988)

the Director - Jim Abrahams

In roles: Bett Midler, Poured Tomlin, Mikele Plachido

If to you has carried to have the twin, a leah you are assured what is your twin? In particular if you are similar against each other the same as Bett Midler and Poured Tomlin, that is are absolutely not similar droplets. Such vital issue is put American komediograf by Jim Abrahams (« Hotheads ») . The short-sighted nurse in rural akusherskom point by absent-mindedness has mixed two « a set » girls - twins. So they also lived to themselves - in a wrong complete set while at last have not met.

Sunday, night, the Center.

« Life of others » (2006)

the Director - Florian Henkel a background of Donnersmark

In roles: Martin Gedek, Ulrih Mjue

Agent Shtazi receives the task to watch the unreliable theatrical playwright and its mistress - the actress. In the course of performance of the task it like life and ideas of these « others » (in all senses) people so that starts to help them. The antihero as obliges observing of intimate details of existence of ideological enemies, it becomes unexpected for itself « the imperceptible hero » - the good angel endowing self. It is paradoxical overturning representation about « Original heroism » « Life of others » became, perhaps, the most successful German film of this decade, has won « Oscar » and its director has just finished a picture in Hollywood with indispensable Angelina Jolie participation.

Sunday, the night, the First.