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In Krasnodar territory schoolboys will drive more on physical culture

While the children put   textbooks and writing-books also enjoys last days summer vacations, at all Kuban schools direct marafet. Educational institutions repair, paint and bleach. Well and that with children happens nothing, when they will be on the employment, all establishments firemen have checked up, Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

- With checks we went all the summer long, - the employee has told a press - services of the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures Alexander Polevoj. -   at those schools where found infringements, asked to eliminate them in the shortest terms. So all mansions of knowledge are ready to the beginning of academic year.

That the children felt protected, from regional, municipal   and off-budget means for antiterrorist protection it has been allocated by 167 million roubles, for fire-prevention security -   93 million   one rubles.

By the way, this year for school desks will sit down 495 thousand schoolboys. And 49 100 children will go to the first class.

- the Demographic hole we already passed, - a deputy head of regional department of science and education Nikolay Bajrachnyj speaks. - Though this year   at the Kuban schools on one thousand person is less than children, than in the past, the occasion to trouble is not present. Birth rate in edge the high.

And here in small   23 - j to school of settlement Central that in Moscow Tovsky area, this time a science granite will gnaw 46 boys and little girls. It on 6 children is less, than last year. On September, 1st teachers with colours and gifts will meet three unique pervoklashek - girls. Most of all children in   will go to the fifth class - already nine persons. And if teachers only also have time to watch them, in the eighth class of problems with discipline will not arise at all. Knowledge of sciences only one girl Alina Here will comprehend.

But   deficiency of teachers, fie - fie,   no.   17 teachers give all time and forces to teach boys and girls to mind - to reason. The teacher mathematicians Erem Nalbandjan even became the teacher of year and has brought to native school the first in area   an interactive board.  

- It is possible even to tell that at our school individual training is conducted, - the teacher of history Natalia   speaks; Borodinova. - But you do not think that we     here and we do nothing. Works suffice us.  

Natalia Viktorovna conducts us on a corridor to the big colourful stand.

- At us and kazachata is, both sportsmen, and pioneers, and even the organisation -   « Republic Shkid » - the teacher speaks. - we not only learn children, but also in various out-of-class work we are engaged.

to Rural school 53 years. Earlier it was general educational, but some years ago at it the status has exchanged, and it became the basic. Now children are trained here to the ninth class. In a court yard a dining room, nearby an athletic field and toilets. On a backyard the huge woodpile of fire wood and two heaps of coal lies.

- See, we by the winter are ready, - showing stocks, tell the teacher.

Schoolboys of Krasnodar territory this year are waited for by an innovation. They will be engaged now in physical culture not two hours per week, and three.

- Our children should be strong and healthy, - has declared on the past one of these days August teachers` meeting vitse - the governor of Kuban Galina Zolina. - And sports still harmed to nobody.

Besides, in edge will create also fund of stimulation of quality of education. From it the best schools will receive grants in   4 - 5 million roubles.   will encourage those institutions in which children well study and which introduce innovative projects, observe « Children`s » the law, develop sports.


1,4 mlrd roubles have spent this year in Krasnodar territory for preparation for September, 1st.
it several times more than in 2009

According to regional administration.