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Narrow small street have closed on repair, and one and a half area of Perm have risen in a stopper

the Unpleasant surprise waited for me on Monday morning on the way to work. I live in Ordzhonikidzevsky area, and I work - in city centre. I prefer to reach through the Tower - 1, along the street the Roadway. And here has gone - bang! and there a brick. Road repair, dear automobile owners, has begun, excuse.  

being scolded violently, I am developed and together with other motorists I go to a detour through the Solikamsk path. I approach and ohaju - a huge stopper! All Ordzhonikidzevsky area and a part of Motovilihi - those who live on the Tower - 2, - have rushed in the centre on this road. The path costs as driven! Having staid uselessly almost half an hour, I am again developed also meal towards a loop road - on vostochku. It, of course, superfluous kilometres 10, but there though movement is, so, and chance to be in time for work.    

Repair along the street the Roadway promise to finish by September, 15th.
a photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

Unfortunately, such « clever » it has appeared not only I. On roundabout - too the jam, there too this week has begun repair. Having staid in a trap still kind half an hour, for work I prikatila almost on an hour later.  

there was a question in the Evening: how to go home? On hours nine evenings, having decided that the basic stream has already passed, has risked to go on Solikamsk. Will not believe, again a stopper. Intensity on road « has added » and small failure.  

Since morning - again the same history. Instead of usual 30 minutes reached almost an hour and a half. And so all the week long.  

Yesterday has not sustained and has called in the mayoralty. What for the Roadway have again closed, like recently it repaired?  

- Last time repair of this street was spent in 2005 but then did not change the basis asfaltobetonnogo a covering, - have informed us in Management of an external accomplishment of administration of Perm. - now it will change and will expand proezzhuju a part. On a site from street Solikamsk to street Fokinsky there will be an additional strip in a direction from city centre. It will lower intensity at an o`clock - peak. A stop « Buzinsky » Will transfer more close to a crossroads, along road will establish barriers and will plant new lindens. To finish repair plan by September, 15th.  


By the way, about jams in this part of a city in the blog governor Oleg Chirkunov has written also:  

« Today it has appeared in a stopper from a city in a direction of the Chusovsky bridge on East detour. Has defended minutes forty. It is insulting and is a shame that from - for nonsenses.  
the contractor has begun   packing of asphalt with overlapping of one of two strips also is done by it during time close to the peak traffic, simultaneously with it to the middle of September the road through the Tower - 1 where repair work is conducted by city administration is closed.

Indexes that ahead a stopper, no, and people simply get to a trap. There is closed, because of danger of departure from it on East, a radial line.   Could open it for repair if have thought.  

  The estimation of their work   I have informed heads of road agency and regional traffic police. Understand that a puncture. Has asked to accelerate journey opening through the Tower - 1 ».