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In these days off in the Ulyanovsk region again it will be hot

Last days August again will please uljanovtsev (and someone, probably, will afflict) with hot weather. Columns of thermometers again « will steal up » to a thirty-degree mark. But thus will pass rains and thunder-storms.

According to regional gidrometeotsentra, on Saturday, on August, 28th, on area at night without any precipitations, a wind western 5 - 10 metres per second, temperature of air +9, +14 degrees. Variable overcast, a wind jugo - western 9 - 14 metres per second, temperature +20, +25 in the afternoon is expected. In second half of day in Ulyanovsk weather forecasters promise a small intermittent rain.

And on Sunday, on August, 29th, on area also will pass rains, and the thunder-storm with a gusty wind to 15 &ndash in places is expected; 20 metres per second. At night air will get warm to +16, and in the afternoon to +27. And in some areas columns of temperatures will rise to +31!

In Ulyanovsk will be to +27 degrees. An intermittent rain and temperature to   +26 wait uljanovtsev on Monday and on Tuesday.