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“ At Byelorussians interest to India, its culture and philosophy " every year grows;


- on August, 15th India has celebrated the Independence Day. What was the most difficult in the first years of independence? What do you consider as the greatest achievement for today?

- India became the independent state in 1947. Consolidation and country association, formation of the democratic, secular state and an open society became the government main tasks. Now it is possible to tell that all these problems have been executed quickly and successfully. India with the population in 1 billion person began the way with foodstuffs acute shortage, and today it the exporter of the foodstuff, one of the largest manufacturers of milk, rice and wheat. The Indian economy - one of most quickly developing in the world, and our future sees rather perspective. India - the largest democracy in the world, 700 million persons have the right to participate in democratic elections.

- As relations between Belarus and India develop now?

- At India and Belarus perfect warm and warm relations, mutual trust, a generality of sights on various questions. Economic and trade relations are on lifting, in 2009 goods turnover has made 600 million dollars, and there is a huge potential. The Indian businessmen are interested in investment projects abroad. In Belarus the contract between Grodnoenergo and the Indian company BhElna of 55 million dollars became the first such project. It is assured, we will see also other projects.

- In India promptly develops in such areas, as computers, the software. In Belarus are going to create the « a silicone valley ». A leah is cooperation in this sphere between our countries?

- Yes, India - one of leading players in sphere ITςευνξλξγθι and services. Belarus aspires to develop in this direction, and we as partners, we will help each other. India creates Training centre of digital technologies on the basis of Park of high technologies in Minsk. The Belarus teachers already are trained in India. The centre will begin work in October, 2010. Four more such centres will be created in other cities of Belarus.



- In Belarus there is an interest to India, people are interested in its culture, history, philosophy...

- Yes, more and more young Byelorussians are interested in the Indian culture and a way of life. I know that more than 500 Belarus young men in Minsk study the Indian dances and music. We at embassy have a dance school. Many are engaged in yoga and in the special centres, and in sports clubs. It very much pleases me. In Belarus the Indian films, especially bollivudskie are popular. It fine illustrates affinity and cultural unity of our people. These relations have been established during Soviet Union, and it is pleasant that then they only became stronger. The Indian way of life is very close to Byelorussians. I think, the reasons of such affinity - characteristic tolerance and ability to combine various cultures in both countries.

- Interest to culture is as well interest to language?

- - Yes, Byelorussians study a Hindi . we in embassy now do not have employment, but there is online Hindi training in Belarus, a site organised by embassy. Professor Mihajlov who lives in a city of the Hill of the Mogilyov area is engaged in it. People are registered on a site, send it works, communicate on skajpu, it helps with a pronunciation, with tasks. Those who wants to study a Hindi in India, it can be converted to us, in India there are special programs, schools. For example, one girl with the Belarus citizenship, living in Russia, wanted to go to India. One of these days we have received acknowledgement that that`s OK, it can receive the grant.

- I know that students from India study, for example, at medical university. And Byelorussians go behind knowledge to India?

- Yes, there are programs on which Byelorussians study in India. For example, the program of technical and economic cooperation of India ITEC. On it Byelorussians study in India, approximately 15 - 20 persons every year. On a broader scale in the program there is about 45 different a course at different universities. Study computer technologies, journalism, communications, diplomacy...

- And how much citizens of India live in Belarus? A leah Byelorussians go to India?

- About 500 Indian citizens live in Belarus, including 400 students and the people who are engaged in business, some represent the Indian companies, in particular, the pharmaceutical. As far as I know, they here feel themselves comfortably enough. They not only earn the living with butter but also that do the positive contribution to the Belarus economy and public life. Thus more and more Byelorussians go to India on affairs. Many are interested not only tourism, but also studying of culture and philosophy of our country. Fairly I admit, I would like, that their quantity grew.

- When you have arrived, what first impressions were at you? What has surprised?

- When I have arrived and went from the airport, have thought: what green, pure country, what wide streets! I did not represent that Belarus such beautiful. I was very much impressed also with real interest of young men to culture of India, knowledge of India. Many watched the Indian film, remember the Indian actors, Radzha Kapura, for example.

- That became the most unexpected?

- I was surprised with time with unpredictable communications of India and Belarus. For example, A. P.Dzh. Abdul Kalam, the president of India in 2002 - 2007, was the known scientist. And before becoming the president, it some times came to Belarus, met representatives of Academy of Sciences of Belarus. To me have shown its office, photos … When we were in the Brest strong hold the director of a memorial complex has told how 40 years ago there there came Indira Gandi! To me have shown magazine with a photo on which madam Gandi sat in the same place where during that moment there was I. Radzhiv Gandi, her son, also visited Minsk still before was are intoned independence of your country, it came to the USSR.

By the way, during visit of the mister of Krishna, our Minister for Foreign Affairs in September of last year there was a question how we name the Training centre of digital technologies? I have suggested to name it in honour of Radzhiva Gandi. It promoted development ITβ of India, visited Minsk … The mister the minister has returned to India and, I can assume, has consulted with wife Radzhiva Gandi, madam Sonej Gandi who now is a serious political figure. And then there was an answer that we can name the centre in its honour.



- Belarus your first purpose as ambassador. But you the diplomat with the old experience. Your spouse lives with you in Minsk, and children?

- At me three children, they already adult. My children live in different cities and the countries. The son in Stockholm, at it two children. The daughter lives in India, in Delhi, at it too two children. One more son worked in Prague, but has now returned to India. It too is married, at it one child.

- your family came to you?

- Yes, once all of them have arrived to Minsk, all 11 persons! Someone has arrived for a week, someone for couple of weeks, someone for a month. Some were only in Minsk, some have gone to Gomel with me. They lived in different cities with me, during my diplomatic work. And very much it was pleasant to them in Belarus. They has told that would not think that here so it can be beautiful!

- you prepare houses Indian cuisine? A leah tried the Belarus?

- I like to cook. Though I, more likely, the cook on intuition, instead of under recipes. Houses we prepare, of course, Indian cuisine. The majority of components for it can be got easy in Belarus, I buy here products, vegetables, fruit, rice, bean. There are in Minsk present Indian spices. I tried Belarusian cuisine, I like soups, pancakes.

- As you have estimated assortment of the Belarus shops?

- I do not like to do shopping, not too often I go shopping. To a supermarket I go as the assistant to the wife, to bring any things. But I saw that in your shops good things, textiles, cloths, bed-clothes are on sale. Outer clothing, underwear, and among its manufacturers, I know, you have already world brands, all very interesting, the attention draws. My son when has arrived from Sweden, has bought here a shirt from flax. He has told, it costs here in two times more cheaply, than in Stockholm! I want to pay the Belarus women a compliment. For all time of the abiding in Belarus I never saw badly dressed women! Belarus - the country developing, but people are here very well dressed. It already depends on culture, how people live as feel.


USEFUL an embassy Site: www. indembminsk. org/

the Address and embassy phone: Minsk - 220040, street Sobinova, 63, t. (017 262 - 93 - 99.

the Site of the Belarus school indologii: http:// www. hindischool. info/




That is necessary:

125 g semolina

6 grains of green cardamom

1/ 4 teaspoons of a dried saffron (at will)

150 g sugar

375 mg of water

75 g baked butter

30 g torments

1/ 4 cups of the chopped almonds

2 items of a spoon of the chopped pistachios


the Way of preparation:

1. Crush cardamom and a saffron in a small powder. Set aside.

2. Prepare a sugar syrup. For this purpose mix in kastrjulke sugar and water. On slow fire finish to boiling and wait, while sugar will be dissolved. Set aside.

3. On a frying pan warm up 4 table spoons of baked butter, add semolina and a flour and fry to golden colour on slow fire, constantly stirring slowly.

4. Add to semolina and a flour a sugar syrup, constantly stirring slowly, while the mix slightly will thicken.

5. Add a powder from cardamom and a saffron. Then add the remained table spoon of baked butter and mix. Before giving decorate crushed by almonds and pistachios.